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I remember in elementary school seeing one of those movies–you know, the ones that the teachers wound up on a reel before they used VCRs (and then DVDs)–telling us not to use drugs in order to study harder. Back then, they were talking about pure stimulants. Now, it looks like kids are abusing ADHD prescription meds like Ritalin and Adderall to improve their scholastic studies. It’s like steroids for academia. The kids get it from either doctors (whom they manipulate) or dealers. The parents push the doctors too:

She said many parents could push as hard for prescriptions as their children did, telling her: “My child is not doing well in school. I understand there are meds he can take to make him smarter.”

I don’t know if it’s the Tiger Parents; it didn’t look like any of the interviewees were Asian. It does look like this drug abuse is taking place in the rich private schools, so maybe that’s a factor.

This is going way too far. Are they going to have to start taking random urine samples around test time?


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  1. This is very true. A lot of my Indian customers do that. It’s funny you mention this now because a month ago all I heard from them in stereotypical accents is “My son needs his meds! He has finals/AP testing!

    There’s also a trend for rich (white) customers who don’t feel like putting up with their kids and put them on ADD/ADHD instead of putting in the work and do some real parenting.

  2. Also, ADD/ADHD drugs are basically a legalized form of speed. Apparently kids with real ADD/ADHD are actually hardwired so that they actually can’t get addicted, but still need it to function.

  3. I remember when I was in highschool (back in the day!), we would all take Nodoz so we can stay up all night and study for finals and AP exams. lol. It’s like that cheesy Saved by the Bell episode where Jesse starts taking something like Nodoz so she can get everything done. Granted, I didn’t get as “crazy” as her, but I felt there was so much pressure in highschool to “get everything done.” In hindsight, it’s so silly to think that failing (in the Asian way…. like getting a B) any classes or exams in highschool meant death.

    But I think this has a lot to do w/ teenage brain chemistry. As a teenager, you are basically wired to feel more pressure and get more addicted to things more easily. It’s really impossible to look at the long term or big picture when young. That’s why everyone as a teenager, hates being a teenager and can’t wait to “grow up.” But now as adults, what I wouldn’t give to just be a teenager and not have grown up problems (and bills)! ha ha. What’s that saying? Life is wasted on the young?

  4. Linda,

    Great points. I think that probably does have something to do with the way the teenaged brain is wired. Everything is the end of the world, and it makes it that much easier to get involved with this kind of thing.

    Also, I saw that Saved by the Bell episode too!

  5. “American education system is weak – unless it’s at the graduate STEM level where they want cheap foreign students who have the math skillz.”

    Yes, but the Chinese still love White folks for their English skills. They will never hire an AA in lieu of a White person to teach English in China.

    In China, English teaching is a whites-only club.

  6. @Chr – I’ve lived in China for a few years and know all about it first hand. It’s another country and altogether entirely different rules and culture. Believe me, APAs go there and they get a huge culture shock.

    It’s not even English speaking “laowai” are in demand, but also the Mandarin speakers:

    Knowing this, what can we do about it? I think beyond spreading the word out on the internets, the next thing is to create our own APA media that doesn’t sellout.

  7. Asian Americans should be going to China to teach higher level subjects and skills, not English.

    Things like business and contract laws, practical cultural matters for use in the real world, Chinese American Chambers of Commerce, etc.

    Instead we see mentally ill Asian American men like Chr crying a lot but doing absolutely nothing.

    The purpose is to create a Problem, Reaction and Solution that leads to Asian Playboy.


  8. mwei,

    Yes, and many AAs still rant about the petty injustices they suffered in the Western world, which pales in comparision to what their own kind have done to them in the home country. Just read the lines below. Korean American Mike Lee obviously is use to the PC culture here in America and was in for a big shock back in Asia. Yet, many of his fellow AAs still whine how “the man is keeping them down”.

    From the msn article:

    Lee, who is Korean-American, was rejected from the school despite having previous experience teaching English as a second language (ESL). Evans, a white Canadian, was hired on the spot.

    “I was shocked – back home this wouldn’t be acceptable,” Lee told NBC News. “I’ve never been discriminated (against) in that way.”

    All I can tell you is that everyone, for the most part look down at APAs because of their lack of originality or their 2nd rateness if we’re talking about Asia.

  9. Mr. Rag,

    Well, isn’t Asian playboy better than no solution? You just contradicted yourself!

    Btw, there are much better alternatives than the APB route.

  10. Well, to be honest, Chr., I think no solution is better than Asian Playboy. But that’s just my opinion.

  11. Except that you never talk about the alternatives EVER, do you?

    Why is that, Chr? Must you first groom your listeners up a “step ladder” before you reveal the secret?

    You dirty mentally ill little shit.

  12. “Well, to be honest, Chr., I think no solution is better than Asian Playboy. But that’s just my opinion.”

    Actually the solutions are very prosaic and have already been mentioned here and in other places umpteenth times.

    This is why Chr needs to continuously say and repeat “Nothing works!”. He must do this in order to sell the Asian Playboy.

  13. Yup Chr talking in circles again. Yes the false guru guy is still better than no solution, yet there are better alternatives that he won’t name.

    You must think you’re dealing with a bunch of idiots here not able to see through what you’re doing. If you’ve been here for awhile, you’ll also see the random posts that are usually ignored you bringing up the false guru for no reason at all.

    I also think no solution is better.

    A system that only works for 1 out of 10 people to me isn’t a solution. That 1 person probably always had it in him and didn’t need someone to teach him. People have been going on dates, marrying, having kids, etc for years without any guru teaching a system. It is pretty out of this world for someone to think he’s changing anything.

    One thing is guaranteed, you’re going to be out thousands of dollars that can be used for other things.

    Instead of spending thousands of dollars on that, why donate money to an Asian Indy film or something? Everyone keeps complaining the lack of representation yet no one wants to really commit to anything.

    Fun was the HDB worshipper who got smacked off this board. Chr is the PUA worshipper who some tolerate. I’m proud to say I know no one personally who has ever taken a bootcamp.

  14. And both of you guys have the nerve to say no solution is better while taking a jab at me because I don’t offer one.

    Look, I’m not a PUA person, never was and never will be. No PUA training will convince those ladies otherwise, for all the Asian guys who were deemed unattractive at the speed dating experiment, attempting PUA would be like putting lipstick on a pig. Can you imagine an ugly Asian fart hitting on attractive women at the clubs and says he’s gotten a lay using their tactics? What are the chances? I would say next to none.

  15. @ Chr

    Wow you’re quick to say Ugly Asian yet you are so quick to say attractive white girl. I guess we know who’s a self hater here. Anyone ugly (black, white, etc) , it’s not easy to get an attractive girl at a club. You must really think little of yourself cause your Asian. Again, it’s not cause your’e Asian. It’s you.

    It would be interesting to see what would Chr’s standards be. I bet he’s one of those who would choose an ugly white girl over any Asian girl. He whines about Asian women doing this. His writing says he’d do it as well.

  16. Linda & BigWOW – I know I’m late to the party, but I’m using this post as part of a post that I’m writing at the moment.

    You guys say that “As a teenager, you are basically wired to feel more pressure and get more addicted to things more easily. It’s really impossible to look at the long term or big picture when young. ” (Linda) and “Everything is the end of the world, and it makes it that much easier to get involved with this kind of thing.” (BigWOWO).

    I don’t think it’s because teenagers are wired to “feel more pressure”, that it’s because of what biology has given to us human beings at the post-puberty stage. Think about it; the juvenile stage is basically the time that we go out and explore the world around us. It’s the time that we go out and experiment with anything and everything, be it sports, academics, sex, whatever. That’s why there’s the flood of hormones in the body and system – it’s there because we haven’t lost our biological gifts (if you will) to help us in grow – in whatever way – in this time period.

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