Remote Control by Kotara Isaka (Review)

I got this book from the library, and I thought it was an excellent thriller. It’s the story of a Japanese delivery driver named Aoyagi who gets framed by the government for the murder of the prime minister. The event is reminiscent of the assassination of JFK, which the characters reference often. The book jacket says that Isaka draws many comparisons with Haruki Murakami. I can see the comparison. I also saw a similarity with Ryu Murakami, who, like Isaka, often plays with double meanings in the Japanese language. (It made me laugh that the guy in Remote Control who is never at his apartment was named Inai, which means “not there.”)

What I loved most about Isaka’s writing style was how he drifted back and forth between the younger and carefree Aoyagi and the man who is currently on the run. Beneath this thriller was a great story of friendship and trust. Definitely a thriller, but definitely much more as well.

Also, this was made into a movie called “Golden Slumber.” For perhaps the first time ever, the characters in a film adaptation look exactly as I had imagined them:

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