Asians surpass Hispanics as biggest immigrant wave

My God, the news has been filled with all kinds of Asian-related or race-related stuff. I’m having trouble keeping up. Seriously. I’ve been delaying a book review because there’s just so much news.

Asians are now the biggest stream of immigrants, according to the Pew Research Center. The numbers themselves are up slightly, but it’s mostly a result of a decline in Hispanic immigration. We’re now 5.8% of the population. The research also indicates a lot of other model-minority-esque tidbits.

11 thoughts on “Asians surpass Hispanics as biggest immigrant wave

  1. Wow… the Vietnam on average makes 3,000 more than the Koreans. But the Koreans have twice the college degrees.

    Actually, looking at it more. The Koreans have the second highest percentage of degrees, but the lowest average income. Meanwhile the Vietnamese is really behind, but income-wise it is on par. I wonder if Koreans are going for more liberal arts types of degrees or their income is miscalculated. At the same time, I wonder what are the source of income for the Vietnamese.

  2. Wow Bigwowo I had been waiting for you to get to this topic. I had been dissappointed that as some of your post blogs infer alot of that WM/AF couples pics like that bigot Derbinshire and others blog post. Even angryasianman infers the rise of Asian intermarriage may dilute the strength or lack as those who intermarry stray away from other Asians and assimilate to white american culture. This was the hot topic on Yahoo.

    I don’t know if you are affected by the rise of illegal Spanish speaking Hispanic/Mexican immigrants where you live in Portland. They affect my area DC/MD/VA and I know other Asians are getting resentful especially in Southern California. As much as I resent a certain number of them they do stick together unlike some white washed Asians who think to succeed is to assimilate and marry white. Here is my video I made to counter it featuring Far East Movement’s latest.

  3. All Asian males date and have babies with black women. All Asian females have sex and babies with other races. Any questions?

  4. the infographic is misleading. I bet it will make people think that asians will outnumber or outgrow hispanics. Nothing could be further from the truth.

  5. Does this mean that I won’t see as many research papers with this: “*Asian/Asian” that will lead to a to this on the bottom of the page/chart: “*Data is too insignificant to be valuable”?

  6. @Chen – You got the intention behind the “fuzzy numbers” of how they use statistics to confuse and manipulate public policy.

    With immigration down overall because of the N.America economy, it’s not surprising Asians consist of the PLURALITY of NEW immigrants but it infers nothing about the overall demographic trends.

  7. Who cares? In nyc they are number two on welfare! Now they set up these so called “churches” (that aren’t even real churches, they are financial centers!)and they buy houses in the good neighborhoods and put their own people in these houses and they don’t pay taxes on those houses! I’m so sick of being priced out of the housing market because of these people! They need to stop coming! I’m so sick of looking at these ugly assholes! Stay in china/ Korea!

  8. Chinese and Koreans are #2 on welfare in New York City? I think you need to provide documentation of that statement. I wouldn’t be surprised if they were the very LAST on welfare.

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