San Diego student left alone in cell for five days

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This has got to be one of the craziest stories ever: DEA ignored my cries: student. The Drug Enforcement Agency arrested UC San Diego student Daniel Chong for marijuana (Daniel Chong, not Tommy), and then they put him alone in a holding cell and forgot about him for five days. He was starving and thirsty and drank his own urine to survive. According to the video, he was handcuffed at the time (although I wonder how one might open one’s zipper to piss in a cup with one’s hands tied behind one’s back…is it possible to bring one’s hands in front through skillful maneuvering?)

In any case, he’s suing the government for millions. I hope he gets it. He was treated for kidney failure, and I have no doubt that this will affect his health for a long time.

3 thoughts on “San Diego student left alone in cell for five days

  1. this will be the next episode of “I survived….” I am surprised they don’t have video surveillance in those holding cells.

    This will affect his long time mental health. PTSD.

  2. Haha…I know, Zach! This is the absolute worse kind of invisibility that there is!

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