Banana Conference renamed V3con, held Aug 25, 2012 in LA

From Gil Asakawa’s blog: V3con is the evolution of the Banana Asian American Bloggers’ Conference. “Banana” is now “V3con,” which stands for Vision Visibility Voice. It’ll be August 25th, 2012 at the Japanese American National Museum in LA with an August 24th opening at the Pacific Asia Museum in Pasadena. I like the new name, and I’m glad to see Lac Su’s and Steve Nguyen’s vision growing. It’s also great that Joz and Gil are now involved.

I’m not sure if I’ll be there. I have a feeling my partner-in-crime, Larry from AA Movement, will be very busy around that time, which means he won’t be there to pay for half the rental car and gas! I was at the first Banana but was absent for the second.

But if anyone else is able to go, I think it will be fun–you get to hang out with some cool people in the AA blogosphere, and now it looks like they’re now also including people in social media and video. There actually aren’t that many Asian American blogs, so it’s always great to meet up with the people who are doing it.


2 thoughts on “Banana Conference renamed V3con, held Aug 25, 2012 in LA

  1. V3, that’s genius! I love it 😀

    It has a sleek, sexy feel to it, the black and red in the logo is good and it can be sexified even further 😀

    I hope you and Larry will be able to make this year’s conference. I love the direction the blogosphere is going. I would like to ask though, if there are any intentions or ideas on how to get real world actions and initiatives off the ground.

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