Asian husband-wife team on Shark Tank

Lim family

The spoiler will be hidden in my spoiler plugin, so read on without fear! There was an Asian husband and wife team on Friday’s episode of Shark Tank, the show where entrepreneurs pitch business ideas to rich people. You can see it on Hulu (Season 3, episode 12). The entire episode was actually one of the better ones, as the sharks went against each other several times. I think this was the first time I’ve seen an AM/AF couple on the show.

Anyway, the couple above, Hanna and Mark Lim, own a business called Lollacup. You can learn more about the couple from Koream:

Mark Lim, 33, and Hanna Lim, 31, of Pasadena invented the Lollacup, a sleek redesign of the straw sippy cup used by toddlers, which utilizes a flexible straw with a weighted end. This allows children to drink easily from the straw even when the cup is tilted. Celebrity moms Sandra Bullock and Alyson Hannigan are reportedly big fans of the patented cup, which can be purchased online for $18.

Man, if my kids were still at the sippy stage, I’d want one of these. That’s an ingenious design, and it looks really cool.

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5 thoughts on “Asian husband-wife team on Shark Tank

  1. Good on Hanna and Mark Lim, I hope their venture reaches success!

    I think the bald guy had some kind of plan for the product to go global, because the current pricing practically makes it unfeasible to sell anywhere outside America and Europe. I wondered about a strategy for the Asian-Pacific market. Then I realised that Asian parents expect the child to use its mind and tilt a normal straw into the water to drink it lol.

  2. Last night I dreamt I was an infant happily sipping breastmilk from a Lollacup. +_+’

  3. Late to the party, but I just finally started to watch the show. I’m totally not with the times haha. Ironically, the same bunch of sharks are still on the show, so it doesn’t feel like 2 years ago. Anyways, going to check one of these lollacups now since my son is approaching that sippy cup stage!

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