Advertisers take notice of Asian Americans

Great article from the Alpha Asian’s FB page: Why Asian American spending power catches advertisers. Check out the video feature. I’ve noticed too that Asian Americans in advertising seems to be on the rise. Half a trillion in spending power is nothing to sneeze at. I like what they say about luxury items. Some people say such a focus is elitist; I think such a focus could mean one is on the cutting edge.

In other high-end news, luxury stores are also hitting up the rich Chinese tourist market: Luxury stores pull out Mandarin phrase books to make the sale.

Again, “elitism” isn’t necessarily a bad thing. “Elitist” people drive the market. It means they support innovation. It means they have the power to determine how they spend their money and what they like. They become choosers. “Elitist” people are driving the nation towards healthier organic food. Their dollars drive the creation of art and literature. I’m not one of them (although I do buy organic), but I think they play a crucial role in deciding where the nation and culture is headed.

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  1. There is some serious cognitive dissonance going on here with your support of “elites”and your stance against white privilege and racism in western society.

  2. Null,

    I’m against white privilege and racism, but I’m not against elites giving to charity, pushing (and buying) healthy foods, and supporting the arts, which are important. Elites are also oftentimes first movers with new technology and the like. Elites choose what movies get the green light. It’s all about people acting responsibly, no matter what their economic background.

  3. I work in IT as a software developer, an area that is saturated with Asians.

    Although my personal position is not purchase, but we used to get a lot of computer and technology magazines/aids/posters etc. Now days I don’t see them as much as I guess they are all online.

    In those kind of things, East Asian (along with Indians) are very well represented. It is the only area in personal experience where the stock images of Asian male actually outnumber the Asian female and Blacks.

    Just to show you the power of demography.

  4. @Raguel

    No its not. But it probably has to do with our company. Part of it is due to the fact I’m in Canada and our company makes enterprise networking, voice, and call center systems. So it doesn’t really affect us.

    But I imagine most of it probably don’t have much comment on it. Truth to be told aside from very specific segment that focuses primary on internet (such as Google) it doesn’t have that much affect on a lot of software and IT companies.

    Now un-officially a lot of internet savvy people are aware of it.

  5. Hmm… but are people in general (the tech savvy ones too) aware of the import of CISPA though? Because, the impact of CISPA reaches way beyond Google, Facebook et al.

  6. CISPA is what is known as a “game changer”. I am a bit troubled by the lack of awareness of its import. D:

  7. “I’m against white privilege and racism, but I’m not against elites giving to charity, pushing (and buying) healthy foods, and supporting the arts, which are important. Elites are also oftentimes first movers with new technology and the like. Elites choose what movies get the green light. It’s all about people acting responsibly, no matter what their economic background.”

    They sort of have a track record of consistently doing things… like using charities to give foreign governments money and international awards to sterilize minorities and other “problem” populations.

    Of late there is mass hysteria in academic circles (from the usual universities and political circles) about the impending doom from global “over-population” and global warming.

    Most probably they will start pushing even harder for the supra-national carbon tax as well as for Asians to eat insects for protein in order to be “globally responsible”, just like they asked in the run-up to the 2008 Olympics. And oh yes, we should take all our vaccines too. They are good for us.


  8. Charities are akin to trying to solve problems using the same frameworks that caused them in the first place. As an example, you don’t solve problems caused by money and private property by using money and private property.

    I think you mean well with your viewpoints in general but you do realize that your technocratic/meritocratic view of society is just one step removed from what people like AOR advocate. – RSA Animate – First as Tragedy, Then as Farce

  9. Uhh…no. I completely disagree with your example in the first paragraph. I don’t see the logic in the second.

  10. How does it make sense to put billionaire elites in charge of solving the world’s problems when most of them caused the problems in the first place? You seriously think the likes of a Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation is the way forward? This line of thinking isn’t going to fundamentally change the power structure of the world and it’s not meant to.

    Most of us who grew up in a Western society believe in meritocracy in some way or another. But the biggest flaw of this belief is the assumption of a level playing field and equal opportunities. When a person or a group of people fail to live up to their “potential” in society, what’s stopping you or anyone else from blaming it on their character or even a defect in their biology?

    Within the context of our societies, a belief in technocracy or meritocracy perpetuates the power structure itself and everything that goes along with it and that includes racism.

  11. Hold up…who said that they believe in a level playing field? I certainly didn’t. I don’t believe that there is a level playing field. How did the question of meritocracy even get into the discussion?

    I don’t believe there’s a total meritocracy (an imperfect meritocracy, yes), but that doesn’t mean I’m going to be against all rich people.

  12. ROFL, nice video. I like Slavoj Zizek’s style.

    However the way he puts forth his ideas may not be so good.

    Observe the way KONY 2012 backfired and now has been relegated to the dustbin of memory (until someone digs up the archives and re-interprets it for contemporary issues in the future).

    See as well how many people have become aware of the duplicity of the Anglo-European elites. King Juan Carlos of Spain, ardent supporter of the environment and all that, caught injuring himself while shooting elephants with large calibre bullets in Africa. Bill and Melinda Gates pushing for to further create a donor continent by on the one hand giving to lots of charities while on the other hand conspiring to remove from the very people they claim to help, any and all agency to improve their own environment and be free of the vicious cycle.

    No misanthropy nor complexity of thought is actually required to understand this.

    The background however is important. If not it becomes too overwhelming.

  13. I also wonder if Slavoj Zizek understands that the politics of the deep state could equally apply in a socialist system and that it could ultimately lead to the oligarchical collectivist end goal of certain interested parties, thereby negating the efforts of socialism in the first place.

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  15. Awesome.

    In an age where corporate power wields tremendous influence over government, wrapping itself around the face of humanity, relentlessly jamming its blood funnel into anything that smells like money, let us celebrate the fact as a nation of debt-slave consumers, not free citizens, that Asian-Americans are now deemed as worthy of attention by advertisers, salivating over half-trillion in spending power.

    Whether Asian-Americans, or anyone else for that matter, realize that as a society of consumers, not citizens, that every dollar you spend is a vote in how you want the world to be, and who controls it, is an entirely different topic…

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