Jeremy Lin shines

According to the NY Times,

Jeremy Lin, whose unusual résumé is more well known than his game, emerged as the Knicks’ momentary savior, packing the box score with career highs and leading his team to a stress-relieving 99-92 victory over the Nets.

Lin scored 25 points, nearly doubling his previous career high, and finished with 7 assists and 5 rebounds, energizing a Knicks offense that desperately needed a boost. He outscored his celebrity teammates, Carmelo Anthony (11 points) and Amar’e Stoudemire (17 points), and outdueled Deron Williams (21 points), the Nets’ All-Star point guard.

The entire article is about Jeremy. This guy could go far.

Edit: Just saw this:

Great video. But WTF kind of sign was that Asian guy in the audience holding up?

21 thoughts on “Jeremy Lin shines

  1. My friend was at this game. No, not the one holding the f’ed up sign. lol. She was sitting like 3 rows up from courtside. So jealous.
    Anyways, I hope he does go super far. And not just on Dancing with the Stars! ha ha.

  2. f’ing awesome….when the Knicks played here in DC, I was hoping he’d get in, but alas, Carmelo was hot and scorched the lame Wizards for like 33 points

  3. Holy crap! That was amazing! He not only excelled at driving towards the basket, but he a key team player and helped his teammates as well.

  4. I’m happy to see this. He should be in the starting five for tonight’s game. Knicks are one of my most despised team but can’t not help cheer for Jeremy. I can see Chr already waiting to see him to fall on his face. To him, no way an Asian man should be able to do this. He should be weak minded, nerdy and unattractive to women like all the Asians he knows.

    I think the guy has accomplished more than most players. Not drafted and making the starting 5 of an NBA team is a big deal for anyone of any color. Even if he doesn’t do what he did on Saturday ever again, he is an inspiration to anyone who is told they can’t do something.

  5. Been following him ever since ‘that’ game against Boston college, always knew all he needs is a chance.

    In combination with Fredette getting a couple of DNP-CDs and seeing all his zealots whinging about racism… it’s been a couple of really good days in terms of basketball.

  6. Lin looks great slashing to the basket, but he’s going to need to seriously work on that jumpshot if he is to build a lasting career in the NBA. It won’t take long for teams to work out that they can just lay off him and let him miss open jumpers rather than risk him driving past them.

  7. As a Nets fan, the Knicks have always been the big bully team across the river, so I was rooting for the Nets. But I have to say that for that particular game, I was conflicted, since Jeremy was having the night of his life. Watching the rest of the teammates cheer him on was encouraging as well. Apparently there was talk that Tyson Chandler was goading the players to work harder to ensure they win the game, since Jeremy was having the game of his life. The comaraderie between Jeremy and the Knicks that night was nice to see, even if it meant my Nets had to lose. :b

  8. @es

    The likes of Rondo and Andre Miller didn’t have trouble making a career out of not having a jump shot.

  9. 28 points and 8 assists, not a bad return for someone without a jump shot. A lot of turnovers though.

    But no one’s perfect, now if only he stops mentioning about god every second season.

  10. The Jeremy Lin showed continued tonight against the Jazz:

    He was great, even better than he was in the Nets game! His reverse layup is amazing. Another career high in terms of scoring. (And he must’ve been reading Eurasian’s advice because he hit a big jump shot at 4:18 of the video.)

  11. Now that Mello is out for a couple of weeks I’m glad I don’t have to watch the whole bowing thing he and Lin were doing. I mean give me a break already.

  12. The Knicks just finished beating my Wizards here in DC. Lin, in the 3rd and throws it DOWN. he had the opening and Lin just took it to the hole and slammed it. pretty awesome. he did great on the pick and roll and the Wizards couldn’t defend against it, he had great command of the court.

    he has 76 points in three games. and he’s not playing against a bunch of nobodies in his one on one match ups in these three games.

  13. Danny and Mojo,

    Holy crap! That’s amazing! I didn’t know he could dunk either! I think he’s here to stay!

  14. @Ben Efsaneyim
    Why would it be surprising a non Asian crowd cheering for Lin?

    Most of the NBA fans going to games are not black, a majority of the players are black. Lin is having breakout games for a team that has sucked and now is winning. not really that surprising.

    I wonder how jersey sales are going.

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  16. @danny

    You should youtube his college games. The two against Boston college and the one against UConn. Lol, he can block a shot or two as well.

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