ESPN senior director is proud of his own ignorance

Man, ESPN continues to have problems with their content creators. First, they had a White guy who said “chink” with commentary on Jeremy Lin, before having a guy who wrote the same thing in a headline. Then they called a Korean guy a “gook.” Now they’ve reached the lowest of the lows: an Asian American guy named Lynn Hoppes who is implying that we should all laugh at Jason Whitlock’s tweet and stop cheering for Jeremy based on ethnicity: Stop the Linsanity insanity. Hoppes says that he himself laughed at the racist tweet, and that people should stop assuming that Asian Americans are crazy about the Linsanity.

He writes:

I was born in Vietnam to a Chinese woman and a U.S. military police officer and have lived most of my life in the United States.

I don’t know how to use chopsticks. I don’t know any Chinese words. I can’t tell the difference between Korean, Chinese or Japanese — when it comes to the spoken word, the written word or physical appearance.

In other words, he’s stupid, ignorant, and proud of it. How ridiculous is this? A “senior director” at ESPN who is Asian, doesn’t know how to use chopsticks, and can’t even tell the difference between hangul and Chinese. And we’re supposed to listen to anything he has to say about race…why? He’s basically bragging about how unworldly and closed-minded he is, lacking knowledge that most Americans, Asian or not, take for granted.

Check out the video above. Man, how embarrassing! It’s basically two white guys and a black guy trying to talk some sense into this Chinese ignoramus, trying to teach him to have some self-respect. For thirteen minutes, the words fall on completely deaf ears. After watching the first few minutes, I stopped thinking he was ignorant and started thinking he was just being a douchebag.

Hoppes, dude, it’s the 21st century. You should’ve gotten over that in third grade. Just because you approve people treating Asians like doormats doesn’t mean the rest of us like it.

35 thoughts on “ESPN senior director is proud of his own ignorance

  1. Erik speolstra falls short of this clown, but comments that he hopes the Lin story is remembered as a rag to riches story and not of his ethnicity. I was going WTF?

  2. This is a pretty good, coordinated attempt to portray the Asian American voice as a radical one. The subtext of Mr Hoppes’s message is that the outcry over the racist headlines is just an “opinion” and as an “opinion” thus does not represent anything broader or deeper than that. Then, he is even given face time on air for his “unique perspectives”.

    Asian Americans really need to up their game. The Alexandra Wallace and Chink in the Armor case demonstrates the groundswell of mass discontent against racist slurs, symbols and acts. The next thing that will be done is to provoke you, hopefully bait you into crazed and radical acts and talk so as to discredit you.

    I really hope that Asian Americans have the sense to see the need in getting organised so as to put forth a coherent message.

  3. What particularly galled me was the anti-intellectualism on his part. Who else brags about how ignorant they are, and then proceeds to tell everyone how it is? He obviously didn’t see the Jeremy interviews either before talking for him.

  4. Guy is obviously self-hating Asian (halfie).

    Altho’ it must be said, I expected – and I’m sure they would’ve preferred to find an Asian female with those same views…just that there wasn’t one in the same seniority.

    He thinks by disassociating himself from the ‘other’ Asians that it makes him more acceptable to those he seeks validation from ie whitey.

    At college & growing up, he must’ve been that Asian who laughed hardest within the group at the Asian jokes & insults, to show how whitewashed he was in order to be accepted as the token Asian

    In short this guy is the yellow equivalent of Uncle Tom.

  5. He looks like an Asian version of the Comic book guy. What else can be done to him that he hasn’t already done to himself? The reason he agrees with Whitlock is because they are both ethnic, fat sports writers. Those guys need to stick together.

    I’m a little disappointed in the round table discussion, not one person brought up to Stephen A. Smith, it someone was making comments about black people, can someone make the excuse of ignorance? Stephen A is an idiot. He’s so angry at everything. One thing he mentioned was why Asians haven’t hooted and hollered about this stuff before. Uh, there’s not much media representation by Asians. That had to be the biggest yes man round table I have ever seen. Another reason not to read or watch ESPN. Wow, if anything, the Lin story has really exposed the ignorance of the American Sports Media.

  6. I’m a pretty white guy, and even I can use chopsticks and distinguish between spoken and written Chinese, Japanese, and Korean. Why the inability to do any of this would be a point of pride to anyone is beyond me… You might as well brag about not knowing how to wipe your own ass.

  7. Is he the spawn of Michelle Malkin? This kind of thing, makes me want to stop being “anonymous” and tear donkeys like this apart. Un.Believe.Able. And his thing about comedians is ridonkulous, not one comedian I know would ever dare say “chink” or “gook” at a show in my presence. End game.

  8. GUYS




  9. Lol, judging from the way Lynn Hoppes talks, I doubt they’d need to give him a raise for this piece.

    He’s the type of guy who’d shit on Asians and make himself the butt of jokes just to “fit in” and “get along” better.

  10. Neeato:

    Haha! They have a stooge on speed dial at ESPN. We should create more controversy just to see how many times they can get him to jump up and down.

  11. This is what BSPN eupehmistically calls having a “dialogue on race” (i.e. damage control). It’s a good example of what White America in general often does when its ass gets called out: They bravely hide behind some “minority” mouthpiece to do their dirty work for them because they don’t have the guts to speak for themselves.

    Either that or they use their standard “I am sorry if I offended you” weasel’s apology.

  12. No Asian or Asian-Am guy would go on TV looking so disheveled as Lynn. He doesn’t know how to tie a tie and can’t wear a jacket?

    2 thumbs down.

    He totally has some identity issues that were never resolved. Get a therapist buddy.

  13. Something tells me Hoppes’ parents didn’t raise him with a balanced Asian/white perspective.

  14. Yahoo sports reported with the headline, “Lin Falls Short in Return”

    Is this being nitpicky or are they trying to be clever again? After the Chink thing, can anyone writing sports be trusted?

  15. ^lol, what a disgusting sk@nk. It would be more sanitary to reuse toilet paper than to sleep with that woman.

  16. @ Moronboshi

    Butthurt much? Whatever makes you feel better calling her ugly.

    Typical fragile delusional Asian male. Always claim to be “#1 at everything”
    Every white girl who would not even look at you or you can’t get is either:
    too ugly, too slutty, wrong hair color, too fat, too thin, too dumb, too poor, too snobby, doing the wrong degree, too bitchy, too busty, too tall, too short, pointy elbows…and on it goes

    Yes – we have heard it all before from you
    You will have the perfect girl – after you get that degree & land that perfect job.
    It will “just happen”.
    I’m sure you’ll have supermodels chasing you AND you have the pick of the bunch to marry. Only perfection for you. You are too good for everyone.
    Have you looked in the mirror, like, ever? LOL

    Attacking the messenger doesn’t take away from the message.
    She’s actually done a favor in revealing what a lot of women (non Asian) are thinking.
    Truth hurts.

    All of you living vicariously thru J Lin, it’s as if all of your hopes & dreams are pinned on him. It’s pathetic
    Every insult to him, you take personally

    Be intellectually honest instead of the internet tough guy

    Yes J Lin is representing the AM in sports.
    People are respecting him as a decent person & good guy
    Don’t get me wrong it’s a start, he’s done great. It’s his life.

    But sexually?
    He is still seen by most women (non-Asian) as a “good guy”, a neutered monk.
    The “friend” in the friend zone.

    We have already seen this version in Michael Chang.
    Nice guy. Christian & all that. Virgin at 36 when he got married.

    Does the world need another Asian “nice guy” type…
    Either that or they’re gay (Alexander Wang & Jason Wu – fashion designers)

    Otherwise it is yet playing up to the AM stereotype of the AM “nice guy”
    – predictable
    – humble
    – gentlemanly
    – intelligent
    – hardworking
    – middle class
    – filial piety
    – faithful to his wife
    – monk waiting to get married to the right Asian girl…

    In short: unexciting, boring to many women (OTHER than AF)
    It ain’t gonna get their panties wet
    Will he have groupies other than AF…LOL

    When asked about the rumor of Kim Kardasian, Jeremy Lin said “Kim Cardasian not my ‘type’.”
    Not the respionse from a typical virile stud.
    He should have turned it around in a joking way “Kim Kardasian is totally hot and I would – but first of all I’ve got to find a bigger apartment than the one I’m in right now..” or something funny/witty.
    Any Black dude (versed in “The Dozens” verbal jousting game would have a damned witty response, guaranteed)

    That way you win more female fans AND say something about yourself & make yourself look good..

    But in terms of personality types there also needs to be more Asian men in the public eye who are one or more of the follwing:
    – loud
    – outspoken
    – funny
    – cocky
    – arrogant
    – “player” with new girlfriend every month ala A-Rod
    – studly
    – bad boy/dangerous
    – thug (yes ala Alan Iverson)
    – etc

    How odd would it be to see every WM or BM the same “nice guy” type?

    Jeremy Lin, is a good role model for young Asian males who want to go into sports.
    That’s all.

    If you want some studly Asian role model, look elsewhere

    Or be the change yourself by getting with, seen with & fucking white girls.

    Just don’t live vicariously thru J Lin.
    Pretty sure all the nuthuggers holding onto his nuts are weighing him down.

  17. @ Moronboshi

    Hypocrite much?

    You say you are not much into white girls, why the fuck should you care about what she or other white females think about J Lin?

    I mean, many Asian females love J Lin “warts & all”, so by virtue of you living vicariously thru J Lin, they (AF) would love you too, right?

    I mean, you got all the Asian females to yourself

  18. Jeremy lin is a christian, and the moment he tries to become a millionaire “playa” is the moment his basketball skills will suffer and he will fade to obscurity because of a simple lack of focus. When you talk about moroboshi wanting asian male sexual role models, are you projecting? Moroboshi has never said he needed a guy to fuck women on his behalf. On the other hand, when you start talking about what jeremy lin should have said in response to the kim kardashian question, maybe it is you who needs someone to represent for your sake. Jeremy lin is never going to that supa starr some of you want him to be. Celebrities are temporal, and faddish. LEGENDS on the other hand are timeless, and they march to their own tune. We all pretty much know which one mr lin is aiming at.

    As for that white chick…. well she’s obviously thinking of mr lin in terms of only a sportfuck. How sad it is that jeremy lin does not do it for her.


  19. Aggro: I still stand by what I said. She isn’t attractive. Sorry Pear shaped and bleached hair don’t it for me.

    I’m glad Lin is who he is. Why should he change his personality? So he can appease guys like you who lust after white chicks? Sure, Lin will grow cornrows and get a bunch of tattoos to appease you.

    Come on man. Celebrate who he is. Who knows how long it will last? I’m having a blast watching him play.

    Thanks. I’ll take those Asian Women. Love them!!! White women = Overrated! You can have them. Oh wait, they aren’t attracted to you thus you post on this board.

  20. @ Raquel

    Then why does it offend certain Asian males that some random white female (or even more white females we don’t hear about) says sexually about J Lin:
    “No he’s totally goose. He’s for the team, really good guy…but you don’t want to sleep with him.”
    (Goose = goofball, oaf)

    Why take offence if her message does not truly offend?
    B/c it does offend to some AM. The message hits home.
    Why take any (sexual) sleights on J Lin personally then?
    Why should Moronboshi care what WF thinks – since AF already love J Lin “warts & all”?

    And what does calling her “unattractive” have to do with her message?

    Does an “unattractive” (his opinion) female have less of a right to her opinion who see wants to sleep with?

    What about all the “unattractive” Asian guy commenters who – to be polite judging by random avatar photos on a site such as 8asians who have faces fit for radio & slapstick comedy only – express an opinion on white females…
    Using the same standard, do they not have the same right to do so, too?

    You get the drift

    @ J Lin Superstar

    No – I think J Lin will be an average to above average player in the NBA for point guards. There are 30 starting PGs. Can’t all be “above average”

    His ball handling is suspect
    Weak left hand dribbling & when going to the left.
    Poor free throw shooting.
    Dribbling with the left should have been developed before getting to the NBA

    For advertising, he’ll possibly be a superstar for being Asian in the mould of Kournikova (lots of sponsorship, average player, won nothing)

  21. @ Moronboshi: “I’m glad Lin is who he is”

    Yes, another pussy Asian “nice guy” stereotype who gets intimidated, bullied, bitch-slapped punched in the head, does nothing but head down, smiles & says “yes sir, can I have another.”

    He’s been mentally beaten. All he does in the post game interview is mumble with his head down unable to look straight at the camera: “Ot’s ok to get hit if I get free throws”. LOL
    That shows weakness, a lack of poise and leadership.
    Just like in the real world, the trade for AM seems to be: be happy you work in a big co in return for keeping your head down, work hard & don’t rock the boat, eager to please, right?

    His teammates must be laughing pissing in his pants at how weak he is.
    Lin doesn’t have their respect. Not until he fights back. Grow some balls they’re saying!

    Lin is not unlike many Asian males in the west who are booksmart, but in many respects they are just plain fucking stupid in common sense & street smarts.

    I suppose you like this representation of the AM since it exactly mirrors your shitty life.

  22. How is Lin intimidated, bullied? He’s not afraid to take a big shot, take responsibilities for mistakes.

    You’re the Asian nerd cause anyone who’s played in any organized sports in their lifetime knows how difficult it is to be good and making the NBA is almost impossible. I bet you never played in any sports thus you so want to live that life vicariously through Lin.

    You think it’s easy to make the NBA and Lin is such a dork for not being a tough guy.
    Wow, I really think you’re taking this too seriously? Did you see how he hit that 3 pointer to win the game and then another time stole the ball and slammed it? Wow if he had laid (the pun LAID) it in, it would’ve made him a pussy right?

    here’s what I think you want Lin to do next

    Bang as many white chicks as possible to show Asian dominiance
    Marry a White Woman
    Listen to rap music
    Worship Satan wearing a Hello Satan shirt parodying Hello Kitty
    Get busted in the airport for carrying a loaded gun
    Making it rain at a strip club.

    He’s got millions of adoring fans all over the world? What have you got? That Victoria Secret catalog jerking off to Kate Upton? Give it up man. Seriously.

  23. @Moroboshi

    Can’t agree more. And being a starting caliber point guard is already above average, most teams with a 15 man roster carries three guys that can play the point. And remember, this is a guy that is projected not to be good enough to make any NBA rosters.

  24. Catching up on this thread. I agree with Raguel and Moro. If Jeremy Lin is trying to set an example like Jackie Robinson or Joe Louis, he’d best do what they did: keep one’s head down and stay out of trouble. Just win some games, get some good stats, and be happy.

  25. @ Moroboshi:

    this blog needs a “Like” button so I can express my approval of your last comment.

    @ Aggro:

    “Otherwise it is yet playing up to the AM stereotype of the AM “nice guy”
    – predictable
    – humble
    – gentlemanly
    – intelligent
    – hardworking
    – middle class
    – filial piety
    – faithful to his wife
    – monk waiting to get married to the right Asian girl…”

    OMFG, Lin sounds like a complete douchebag. No wonder everyone hates him and he doesn’t have any fans.

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