The Death of Private Danny Chen

Diane asked me to post this story: Soldier’s Death Raises Suspicions in Chinatown. It’s sad. Private Danny Chen died of a gunshot wound, and the army is saying that it may have been a suicide, even though many people don’t believe he was suicidal. There is evidence that Chen was racially harassed while serving. They are conducting an investigation into his death.

The article says:

For decades, Asian-Americans have had an uneasy relationship with the military, enlisting at lower rates than other ethnic groups.

Many Asian-American families have emphasized higher education and white-collar occupations, rather than the armed services, as a way to get ahead in America, experts say. The dearth of high-profile Asian-Americans in the upper echelons of the military may have also discouraged enlistment.

There’s probably a lot of truth here. Hopefully the investigation will be thorough and accurate.

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  1. “Private Chen kept a journal while deployed, relatives said, but military investigators have so far shared only three pages of it with the family. On one, a cartoonish face with an angst-ridden expression is scrawled alongside the misspelled message: “Watever happens happens.”

    On another, a list of notes, in what looks like Private Chen’s handwriting, describes procedural failures, including “Didn’t clear weapon,” “Didn’t hydrate,” and “No attention to detail (little things).”

    Relatives said they had no idea what to make of the pages. The military’s decision to release them while retaining the rest of the journal has only added to their bewilderment.

    The military wants to portray Danny Chen as a weak-willed incompetent who brought it on to himself, so that the whole thing can either be swept under a rug, or if necessary, a small handful of guys directly responsible for his MURDER can be court martialled for manslaughter.

    So this can distract from the fact that Danny was used as a punching bag by his entire company.

    All the signs are there pointing to a full cover-up, such as the wall of silence the family is facing and all the people who daren’t and won’t talk to them. This wall of silence can come about only because of a directive, or because the severity of what Danny Chen went through is far bigger than what they want made public.

  2. bigWOWO,

    Danny Chen’s death is only six month after Marine Corps Lance Corporal Harry Lew took his own life in his foxhole in Afghanistan after he was kicked and punched by fellow Marines(

    I really want people here to know that Danny Chen had been beaten by superior officers and subjected to racially motivated taunts prior to his death. Please read this:

    The following paragraph is from the above article.

    “Chen’s family said the military informed them that he had been beaten by superior officers and subjected to racially motivated taunts prior to his death, local leaders recounted at press conference last month. His cause of death has yet to be determined.”

    Danny Chen’s parents are non-English speaking new immigrant. Danny Chen was their only child. What chance do you think that Danny Chen’s case will be resolved fairly? Who will fight for Danny Chen? At times like this. I really hope that someday we, Asian-Americans, will have someone like AL Sharpton( In the 80’s, he was so vocal about everything. Almost everytime there was an inciddent that involves African-Americans, Al Sharpton would be there to lead the rallies. At that time, I remember thinking that he was so annoying. As time goes on, I am getting older and having been living in this country longer; I relized how much discrimation(some subtle and some are not so subtle) we Asians are facing everyday, especially Asian men. I realized that what we need is a vocal leader like AL Shparton, so our voice can be heard.

    If one wants to get treated equal, one has to fight for it. No one is going to give you that right. I appreciate that you have created this blog space. so people like me can have a place to voice his/her opinions.

    I really admire how united Jewish people are and how vocal gays, spanish-americans and african-americans are. Even Asian politian are less vocal.


  3. Diane, regarding Harry Lew, the media are saying he committed suicide in a “foxhole”.

    Actually, he was made to dig a TRENCH and get into it, where he subsequently died. Allegedly he committed suicide, in a trench he was forced to dig at gunpoint.

    Does this picture seem familiar, guys? I am reminded of all those other people who had to dig trenches for themselves, then get down into it and subsequently die there.

  4. @Diane

    It’s funny though that a large number of (if not the majority) white guys think Al Sharpton is a racist or a terrorist (or both). Our closest one is probably Frank Chin.

  5. Diane and N…

    This all ties in with the “Female Take on Invisible Asian American Heterosexual Men” post. I tend to think that Asian-Americans will try to “shout-down” anyone from within the community who offers a different or alternative opinion. Just like Akrypti and bWW suggested on the other thread, people like Frank Chin and the Minority Militant are largely ignored or even attacked for their views.

    To have an Al Sharpton type leader the community has to trust that an Asian man is capable of this type of activism, and that means trusting and believing in the masculinity of Asian men. I just don’t believe that Asian masculinity is trusted within the community and there is even some opposition to masculine Asian men – which is strange because as I wrote here we seem to unite behind aggressive and hyper-masculine Asian men, yet, there are many aspects of Asian-American culture that collude in the denigration of of our masculinity.

    Commercially-driven writers or artists (of all kinds), and some aspects of Asian-American feminism have created an Asian-American culture and worldview that can only exist in the absence of Asian masculinity – hence the Al Sharptons, Frank Chins and Minority Militants are rejected.

  6. ^ I’ve just read your article, it’s well written and I agree with it.

    P.S: Who is the Minority Militant anyway, what is he about, and why was he made outcast?

  7. “that means trusting and believing in the masculinity of Asian men. I just don’t believe that Asian masculinity is trusted within the community and there is even some opposition to masculine Asian men”

    Could it be because of the weak minds that have absorbed and formed negative associations with masculinity, such as masculinity being all about rape, wars, murders, slavery, subjugation of women et al?

  8. Thanks for your words, Diane!

    This probably the most difficult problem to crack because of the military’s secrecy. Even with other people, it’s hard to crack their secrets. We saw what happened with Pat Tillman–and Tillman was a celebrity! Hopefully the media and civil rights groups will keep the pressure on them so that someone steps forward with the truth.

  9. Will the “truth” save future Asian American soldiers from Danny Chen’s fate?

    Not unless it’s the type of truth that can stop future Abu Ghraibs and Bagram Air Bases from happening.

    Cos that’s what it’s all about. Not just secrecy, but the kind of secrecy that allows incredible corruption and cruelty to thrive and be covered up.

    You really did not think that once unleashed, this sort of thing could be directed at only the “other”, did you? It will come home to roost. There’s a hundred reasons for why the public needs to take a greater interest in what goes on in the military, and the “truth” is really underwhelming if people still need to believe the stories so much.

    All of them just fucking stories.

  10. This shit is fucking heart breaking . RIP Danny Chen. Yet Another Asian dies from racist taunts that escalates.

  11. Lets face it. I’d be he was ridicule with all kinds of stereotypes including the small dicked stereotype that pervasive on the internet that even a 10 years old would know about. No point in Asian American joining the arm forces when the West can’t wait to get into a shooting war with Asia, or have Asian shoot at themselves. The old saying still rings true – make no sense for a black/asian/hispanic man to join a white man’s army fighting for white hegemony.

  12. It’s interesting to read the perspectives here – I grew up as a Navy brat around lots of other Asian American (mostly Filipino) navy brats and am used to being around a lot of military people. Mark Munoz is another one Navy brat, btw. As a lifestyle, it had its plusses and minuses. I wrote about racism encountered by Navy men and that life style here:

    We also know a bunch of other Asian Americans, all Filipino, who went to Westpoint or are officers in other branches.

    My father encouraged my brother to try for a service academy – probably motivated by a combination of his military background and the fact that he wouldn’t have to pay tuition. My brother declined. I decided against a military career (having thought some about ROTC) because of what I went through growing up in a military family. During the Vietnam war, my father would be away for up to nine months at time. On a recent visit to Hawaii, we spent time with a family friend, also Asian American, who is a senior officer working at Pearl Harbor. He gets to see his family four times a year. The Wife’s nephew is a dentist (many people join the military to have the military pay for dental or med school) and in the Army Reserve, and even as a dentist he got sent to Iraq. After dealing with a father who was away a lot when I was growing up, there was no way I want to miss my kids growing up.

    Also, as one of our friends found out, the politics as you rise in the ranks is difficult. A family friend graduated from Westpoint, and he quit the army as a captain after his career stalled because he wasn’t good at playing politics. If you are honest and tell the truth about what happens, you can end up like General Antonio Taguba:

    who ended up sacrificing his career to keep his integrity.

  13. Jeff,

    Thanks for sharing!

    I think a lot of what people don’t remember (or don’t know) about military families is that the military member is gone for long stretches of time. It definitely takes a toll on family life. My father wasn’t military, but my grandfather was in the Merchant Marine, which made for similar absences.

    You should definitely write that book, Jeff. If I ever get to the Bay Area, I can help you make audio recordings. Once this history is gone, it’s gone forever.

  14. I posted a link about this guy a month ago. No one even bother to talk about him at the time, and now everybody is chiming in.

    Most AAs could care less about what happened to him. He’s another sacrificial lamb to be forgotten, ignored, and mocked, as the AA community continues to chase the American dream, and find ways to settle score with the interracial dating disparity.

  15. I did read that link actually, and dug into a few other articles.

    I hope I was not the only one.

  16. @Chr.. , @Raguel and Everyone,

    I know you all care. Please help Danny Chen by signing the following petition:

    The petition is led by OCA-NY. According to the following article (in Chinese, unfortunately, I couldn’t find any English news reporting the development of Danny Chen’s case), a group of Asian American organizations led by OC-NY including Japanese American Citizens League and Asian American Justice Center will meet with Thomas Lamont and Thomas Bostick from Pentagon on 12/14/2011.

    Also, a candle light vigil will be held on 12/15/2011 in NYC. And is a link to the youtube video about Danny Chen:

    I am emailing my friends and family to sign the above petition. Hope that you all can do the same. Thank you.

  17. Thanks, Diane! I just signed. It’s great that there’s an organization like the OCA that is making sure the military follows up on this.

  18. Very sad. I just filled out the petition.

    Not sure about Sharpton model though. He has been loud yes, but effective?

    Listen to what Lil Wayne says at the end of Tha Carter III
    (I am half joking…)

  19. Diane, thank you for the links!

    Well guys, this is it. There’s no use blabbing about things like “IR disparity” ad nauseum if you effectively shut up and take it like a punkass bitch anytime something major happens.

    ^ Sign the petition up there, and also forward the link to people you know and ask them to sign it as well.

    This is what your Freedom of Speech exists for, that the military likes to say they defend. It’s not purely symbolic. Its for us to make known that all members of our society, without exception, must act according to the social conscience, and will be held accountable to it. This is why democracy, as opposed to feudal rule, exists.

  20. Diane,
    Thank you as I signed the online petition. I first saw this on angry asian man blog so email and pressure him to post this too spread the work and get more people to sign it and perhaps get more people to protest his untimely death non combat related.
    I have to say he was a good looking young man in uniform and I wonder in this day and age of a more multi-racial US army, why he was subject to racial taunts while he looked the typical clean cut assimlated US soldier. I saw the OCA tribute video on him and he looked like me when I was younger and not FOBBY looking. I am angry and sadden after watchin that well produced tribute video.
    Diane Please also contact/email forward online petition link to other Asian/Chinese American leaders in power like
    Congresswoman Judy Chu -CA who had to deal with her nephew Marine similar death
    NYC Comptroller John Liu
    Veterans Secretary (Ex Army General)Eric Shinseki
    Ex Army General Antonio Taguba
    and perhaps US Chinese ambassador Gary Locke
    Please email or call to give it a try as I have your support as the Pentagon brass must conduct a full investigation.

  21. Oh wait! I heard that it’s already on its way to Obama’s desk where he will SURELY sign it like the Council on Foreign Relations told him to.

    LOL!!! So long guys, goodbye democracy.

    I never thought I would see the day when a THIRD WORLD method of repression would take root in America. XD

  22. Please Obama! Please please don’t sign it! Here is the chance for you to truly earn your Nobel Peace Prize.

  23. Two time Medal of Honor winner General Smedley Butler said that as a Marine “I was a goon for the National City Bank Boys on three continents.” He wrote the book War Is A Racket….which must be the only reason we are still in Afghanistan this long after the death of Osama Bin Laden.

    Danny Chen and the others will NOT be forgotten…..placed there alongside Col. Theodore “Ted” Westhusing and Pat Tillman. Their individual and collective lives will serve a much greater purpose than that of narrow nationalism. May God grant your family peace and forever etch the hearts of the goons who surrounded him with remorse.

    Will Carr
    Corpus Christi, TX.

  24. Good response by the Army as this has become big news nationally and not only a NY story. Now they should be court-martial and punished. Much credit to you Diane, Liz Ouyang from the OCA, NYC citycouncilwoman Margaret Chin and others who protest loudly and put the pressure on the Army to investigate and charge those culprits. Its good that strong Asian women speak up and defend a young good looking Asian man who was unjustly harassed because of his race. This is a lesson to you all other Asians who don’t protest and speak up and want to conform and assimiltate and not rock the boat in white American society. Now congresswoman Judy Chu must also put pressure on the Marines to investigate her nephew’s death which is similar to Danny Chen’s

  25. Thank you, Will. The sacrifices of all our brave men and women will not be forgotten. These are our boys and girls, they will not be expended as if they were just materiel.

    It won’t be up to us alone, but we’ll do our part to help make sure our soldiers are never sent into illegal wars and places they don’t belong. 🙁

  26. “To have an Al Sharpton type leader the community has to trust that an Asian man is capable of this type of activism, and that means trusting and believing in the masculinity of Asian men. I just don’t believe that Asian masculinity is trusted within the community and there is even some opposition to masculine Asian men – which is strange because as I wrote here we seem to unite behind aggressive and hyper-masculine Asian men, yet, there are many aspects of Asian-American culture that collude in the denigration of of our masculinity”.

    We could agree that PVT Danny Chen was bullied because of his lack thereof. The case surrounding his death remains to be a mystery, after they charged his superiors for his death which could be a coverup for something the army doesn’t want to get involved with. He’s yet another example of a defeated AM who is portrayed as small and weak. It’s rather unfortunate for all of us!

  27. You guys don’t get it. Did you sign that online petition chr, Raguel? The fact is it was the protests of strong Asian women like Liz Ouyang, Diane, NYC city council woman Margaret Chin and others who pushed the Pentagon to charge 8 fellow solidiers in Asian man death. Danny Chen was just a good looking young man trying assimlate in the US army only to get unwanted bulling and racial taunts. I am comforted by the by the fact when an unjust racial abuse happens to a young Asian man that the Asian civil rights group will speak protest and speak loudly in his defense. Where was NYC comptroller John Liu vocal protest? or ex generals VA secretary Eric Shinseki. There is a time where these government leaders have to play the cool passive assimlated managers and another where you just can’t bite your lips and protest a loud angry voice.

  28. I dont care by what method is used or by who as long as someone speaks out so those animals are punished. Heres another recent one:

    This time, the officer in charge of overseeing a racist death of a Chinese man who died after being punched in the head by a white teenager, got promoted

    In an ideal world white neanderthals that murder innocent Chinese would be sent to Shenyang City Prison and let the CCP deal with them like they deal with all offenders. That’d teach future white offenders to think twice before even thinking of taunting another Chinese.

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  30. Why does a guy like David H Hwang gets to be part of it?

    To me, I see this project as an exploitation.

  31. Those were my thoughts too, Chr. I guess he’s the most famous, so he gets the job. It IS exploitation. It’s an unfortunate part of how things are done. 🙁

  32. A controversial film made by a guy who would sell out his own kind for a dime, and the AF who was asking AMs for funds for an AF/WM film, situations such these do not fare well with the AA community.

  33. David should get started wearing panties and bras. Maybe lingerie because he’s special. Seriously. That will fit “Robinhood in Reverse”.

  34. I’m just going to make a guess but David Henry Hwang will continue the official narrative that Danny was “weak” and could not fit in the tough army life. A white older brother would have tried to take care of him but ultimately he fails and Danny takes his own life. We will have a tearjerker tragedy that the military, at the same time, can use to absolve themselves of guilt while maintaining they are egalitarian, color blind, and need only make small changes in how it treats people because of this “accident”.

    Most importantly the main moral of the story is that it is always a tragedy when sensitive souls get involved in the dirty job of the army.


  35. I’m not too familiar with the works of David Henry Hwang besides “M. Butterfly”. What are his crimes?

  36. Pozhal: (See #2…I actually saw part of it on TV. Although Joan Chen was smoking hot in this movie, it still got boring)

    Personally, I’m more of a Joan Chen type of guy, but if you’d rather see a WM/AF movie with Bai Ling, Mr. Hwang wrote this:

    Keep in mind that this was YEARS after Frank Chin wrote about how WM/AF movies were keeping us in our place. But as you see, spittin’ truth doesn’t always compare with gettin’ rich and famous. Frank Chin isn’t writing this story of Danny Chen.

  37. @Bigwowo, great minds think alike. lol
    I just posted mine right as you were writing your’s.

    Sadly, there’s not been much more info about Harry Lew? It’s tragic these sorts of incidents happen to ANY person in uniform.

    Congress should stop being little bitches and actually do something that matters to the lives of people.

  38. My thought on Asian historical film stories is one with a profound knowledge of their ancestral history, with the latest state-of-the-art screen editing, without a total bullcrap flying from one mountain to another with a single somersault, the script with the mouthful exercise of clear diction not to be confused with Ching Chong, Ting Tong.

    There are a lot of good stories to be made into films. Real life stories. I can’t tell for other Asians, but I’m sure they also have a deep historic watershed to highlight their history.

    If the sinking ship can make a good story where classism was prevalent, love between penniless peasant and first class virgin can be consummated somewhere in the ship cabin that ultimately led to shipwrecks, I can positively say we can shoot a film based on

    Zheng He
    With magnificent ship with extensive exploration, add a myriad of coastal mesmerizing tranquil scenes throughout his voyages, the huge Giraffe CGI-ed on the ship from Africa (That will put an end to Jurassic park), add another fictional character who is a peasant recruited by Zheng He but kind of fall in love with One of the King’s daughters whose flirtatious eye contact made sure him that he will return home with a Giraffe in the end. But the classism tear them apart. King knowingly sent him on the voyage, consuming the notion “Out of sight out of mind” will prevail. And the story continues to 2nd sequel with 3D.

    Chinese Labor Corps 1917
    “It was the best of times, it was the worst of times” [Dicken’s A Tale of Two Cities”] The history will leave a mark on how China declared war on Germany. It was the time the war was prolonged, it was the time China couldn’t resist another day for people to mourn. A fictional character among 100,000 troops, with the knack of observation and implementation, a young active lad with an agile mind was recruited to serve at the frontline in France. Story ensues that several technical glitches had been preempted with his astute mind coupled with keen observation. To accentuate his outperformance, make one scene where frontline Brigadiers were blown up with arms apart, blood spewing out with ventricular contractional force, it was almost sure that certain battalions were failing with technical difficulties. It was this young man whose penchant for regaling with his youthful stories during the night among the troops, was he secretly admired by an attending Nightingale, frequently taken care of and amorously approached and the story continues to 2nd sequel with 3D.

    Ho Feng-Shan
    The World War ended but the story lives on. A scene: people are screaming, wire camps are sprawling at the speed faster than urbanization. The humanity as we know of today is almost at the brink of nosediving. A young diplomat with his traumatizing experience in childhood has taught him, a scene where with a flashback, with his father laying on bed, muttering final words “With great power comes great responsibility” [of course in Chinese], he took those words to his core of heart and later proved with his deeds without necessarily swinging with a flimsy rope from buildings to buildings. And the story continues with … I think 2 hours should be fine here.

    And I’d ask what we got here from history?
    Ethnic tourist type of “Yellow Face”,
    A white guy epic rendition in our childhood memories of “Journey to the West”
    and of course “Touch” to your feeling with “Asian Girlz” will make you WET.

  39. There was a good book that Ben Efyanisim discusses on his blog a book about the racism and ostracizing first Chinese immigrants settlers in America experienced. Im surprised, considering how long Asian immigrants have been living in the US, that this still hasnt been made into a film. Actually probably due to Hollywood Anti-Asian racism, its not surprising.

    If such a film had proper promotion, I reckon it would be a major event in AA activism, and probably Asian community too. because it would cement the fact that Asians in the west have some kind of history, and not the perpetual foreigner stereotypes that Hollywood portrays us all the time as. This is the kind of film that China needs to fund and support, if it ever buys up Hollywood.

    Again another reason why when it comes to any kind of declared social acceptance, as an Asian in the west will constantly be in thirst of such social acceptance, and constantly just ‘getting by’.

  40. An idea from you that is not hit and run. Let’s celebrate this milestone.

    This film project is do-able. What’s the name of the book? The first step to getting it translated to film would be to produce an A-grade script.

  41. @BigWOWO

    Sengge Rinchen is again rampantly issuing ad hominem attacks all over your threads. I look at the various threads and he is diluting all the arguments. So is your censorship limited to only a select few? Why is Raguel able to get away with this??

  42. Minus his Ad Hom 70% of this attention-seeking twat’s opinions are completely irrelevant to Asian American activism. But hey, them’s the breaks for one guy’s blog and his boy’s club buddies.

  43. Actually, Sengge Rinchen’s comment 2 posts above is not strictly ad hominem. It may be critical and sarcastic but it is based on an opinion about another poster’s actions, not his person.

  44. There is no need to tell him this.

    Our Skittles fan here originally invented that Latin phrase over two thousand years ago, remember?

    He was the first one to use that phrase and from then on the idea took a life of its own, used to the present day by great minds who owe it all to him. 😀

  45. I disagree, its attacking the persons’ idea, insinuated to his other comments about the commenter being ‘hit and run’ whatever that means.

    If he really wants to find out what book I’m referring to, he should refer to Ben Efyanisim’s blog before he tries to impress the easily impressed with his ‘easily doable’ film exec spiel commentary on here.

  46. Easily? I don’t see that word anywhere in my post. Where is it? As for attacking your idea, I don’t see it being negated at all.

    No, if I really wanted to do an ad hominem on you, I would say that your ideas and opinions are worthless because you are not the film mogul and expert on Asian American topics like your pronouncements seem to suggest.

    But another matter, Indieking. What’s the use of bringing up anything if you’re just going to refer readers back to the blog where you got the idea from? Is it too difficult to remember the name of the book and just post it here?

  47. “I disagree, its attacking the persons’ idea, insinuated to his other comments about the commenter being ‘hit and run’ whatever that means.

    Nevertheless, the definition of ad hominem is not in commenting on how someone else comments. In order for it to be ad hominem, he would have to

    1) Concoct a motive and ascribe it to you.
    2) Insinuate that you have low intelligence
    3) Attack your race, nationality, or religion

    Even if the attacks/observations are unfair or even provocative they simply would not be “ad hominem.”

  48. Thanks for making me aware of the rare moment that this blog’s resident sponsored ad hom troll was in actuality, being facetious and sarcastic.

    Re the book,like I said, if it means that much go there yourself. You’d need to sum up the effort to visit a blog and actually read Ben’s review before talking about A-grade scripts.

  49. So how was it? More or less facetious sarcastic than making a hit and run attack on someone’s actual real life name? Just checking with you to grade the level of irony.

    Re: the book

    If you can post about the book here, you can also tell us the title.

  50. With your attitude its unsurprising you get on the nerves of some of the commentors on here much less expect someone to do research for you after youve just insulted them on multiple threads.

  51. And what about the ones who’ve not insulted you on multiple threads? I guess you won’t tell them the title of the book either. How sad.

  52. I love how Byron just allows Sengge Rinchen to walk all over his threads. And he made an entire post criticizing 3 individuals as bottom-tier, without even mentioning Sengge’s name. Pretty sad.

  53. I agree with King. Sengge’s comments were related to ideas and are NOT ad hominem.

    And Awake, my entire post was mostly about the three individuals who complained about my moderation policies. It wasn’t mostly about Sengge because Sengge didn’t complain. Even now, he’s not complaining, even though his comments have been deleted in the past (He did see and understand the reference to people who “venture” into the bottom-tier, which shows he’s a good, intelligent reader and that y’all ought to pay more attention to him.).

  54. Hard not to pay attention to one individuals trolling antics you are sponsoring, BigWOWO. Also one who may actually have psychological issues.

    From his words:

    ‘I only hope my ADHD does not peter out by the time I get to collecting all my thoughts together. The focus just drifts from place to place’

    Awake and Alive observation:

    ‘His commentary is often circumferential / tangential, which highlights the high probability that this guy has an underlying psychiatric condition’

    My own observation, Rinchen/Raguel/Parker has a split personality.

    As moderator you dislike inconsistent posts, to me this guy is the most inconsistent of all. One minute keen, and intellectual, the next, insulting and childish.

    Whatever your buddy relationship with Rinchen if you are not going to censor his psychologically unstable trolling – i.e: goading to dilute threads into flame wars as seen above, even though he’s ‘your boy’ just like you are hard on the ‘recent ‘more radical’ visitors, IMO, you are not acting entirely fair as a moderator.

    And from a traffic perspective, without the more controversial opinions to ‘argue’ against, the ‘white knight’ opinions of your boys wont uphold the status quo as effectively.

    And if Rinchen does actually have a psychological condition, as his own comment suggests, all the more reason to edit his comments, as a way to help , rather than encouraging his antics, which may end up annoying the rest of the more consistent Asian contributors here.

  55. AMEN Indie!

    My own observation, Rinchen/Raguel/Parker has a split personality.

    As moderator you dislike inconsistent posts, to me this guy is the most inconsistent of all. One minute keen, and intellectual, the next, insulting and childish.


    i would like to add that Raguel is not keen or intellectual as evidenced by his pseudo debate with Nottyboy, his evasion of questions and flip flopping of positions.

  56. One minute keen, and intellectual, the next, insulting and childish. – See more at:


    But what the bottom-tier seems to be ignoring in all this is that I delete Sengge’s posts as often as I delete Awake’s and Moro’s and Asianguy’s. What separates them (and this, of course, is a value judgment) is that he does, as you mention, Indie, post some keen and intellectual stuff that goes along with the ad hom stuff. The ad hom stuff gets deleted. When I said people should “pay attention” to him, I meant they should see how he has a thick skin. That goes a long way here.

    Anyway, this all belongs in the ad hom section. Thread temporarily closed, and NOT because of Sengge.

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