Asian Stars on the Hollywood Walk of Fame

This isn’t something that I think about much (since I don’t live near Hollywood), but there was an article on CNN about the Hollywood Walk of Fame and minority representation. According to the article, Asians are falling behind just about everyone else. I was pleasantly surprised that the article devoted ample coverage to the Asian thing.

See this:

By the end of 2011 — with a few more minority celebrities scheduled to be honored this year — the Walk of Fame will have 77 stars overall given to Latinos, 119 stars to African-Americans or African-American ensembles (three of those performers — Nat “King” Cole, Lena Horne and Sarah Vaughn — have a second star, but they are counted only once), and only 10 stars to Asians, according to the chamber.

When asked about the dearth of Asian artists on the Walk of Fame, Gubler stated: “There have been relatively few nominations for Asian entertainers. Someone has to be nominated by a sponsor in order to be considered with a star. The issue must be pursued by a nominator. The committee can only consider from the pool of candidates that have been nominated.”

and this:

Only one Asian — actor Philip Ahn, who played wise Master Kan in the TV series “Kung Fu” — received a star in the 1980s. Five Asians received stars in the 1990s, but only one (Jackie Chan) has been placed on the Walk since 2000, a CNN analysis shows.

I don’t know who Philip Ahn is. I know Jackie Chan.

10 thoughts on “Asian Stars on the Hollywood Walk of Fame

  1. hollywood hates asians except those that will spread their ass-cheeks wide for IR financial whoredom. and you people are too weak-assed to acknowledge that.

    asian americans are a victim of multicultural acceptance with no strict definition.

  2. I wouldn’t sweat this issue too much. Some day soon, there will be more Asian stars on the Hollywood Walk of Shame …. like Gedde Watanabe, Tila Tequila, and the immortal Ken Jeong. 😉

  3. Minority Militant, aka Keon …..’s mysterious death (I rule it as a suicide) marks his defeat and the end of his grievance, with the Hollywood Crowd that “disdains” Asian Males, where some of them blame this specific group for their shortcomings with IR dating.

    Meanwhile, Fresh Off the Boat, produced by bun maker, Eddie Huang who tries hard to speak in a New York accent with Ebonics mixed in, rehashes more Asian stereotypes, yet no one gives a damn.

    Do people take us seriously? The answer is no.

  4. “Fresh Off the Boat,”

    Last I heard, Eddie Huang is not in control of the show but an Iranian director … the TV show doesn’t exactly follow the book.

  5. I don’t know who takes Asian Americans seriously, but I know I do not take Chr seriously.

  6. Philip Ahn is the son of Korean independence activist, Dosan Ahn Chang Ho. He is actually one of three Koreans on Walk of Fame. The other two are not on the list of Asian maybe because they have US citizenship, imo.

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