The Personal and the Political

I’ve made a decision after thinking about it last night. I’ve asked Asian of Reason not to post here. It’s a strange thing to do something for personal reasons, but this is a personal blog, and to a certain extent, people have to have the same values. He has not violated any rules, but he simply has different values. Attacking a guy’s family because you’re losing a debate or a fight or any other contest is a no-no in my culture. I don’t begrudge him that, but hey, as he mentioned, it’s my blog and I make the rules. As I hold myself to the same rules, I will not be going after him in his absence. I don’t mind if he reads, but I requested he not post here anymore. I truly have no anger towards him; I just find him disruptive based onย a difference in values.

There was once a dude who came to the Fighting 44s and told us a story about how he slipped a roofie into a White girl’s drink and tried to rape her when she was unconscious. Some White guys found out and beat the shit out of him. Then the police found out, arrested him, and sent him to court. He got some time in prison. And now, he said, he was free. He was glad to be part of the 44s “family” and fight White people, like the “racists” who beat him up.

We took exception to this person and said so. He was not repentant for his attempted rape. He saw racism where there was none. He responded that he had paid his dues for the attempted rape, and that he’d moved on and so should we. He repeatedly said (correctly) that he had followed all the 44s rules of engagement. He got angry and said that the White girl deserved it because of all the racism he endured growing up. In the end, we asked him to go because his presence was disruptive.

I respect Asian of Reason’s convictions, but I can’t respect his values. Bringing someone’s family into a debate where it doesn’t concern them–that is considered low, undignified, and cowardly where I come from, especially to do so anonymously. I don’t think he sees it as such–and that’s his view–but let’s just leave it at that. People should go where they are welcome and part of a community, and to be honest, I can’t see myself posting in a community where a person googles and attacks another person’s family when his chip count is low.

Peace out.

9 thoughts on “The Personal and the Political

  1. I agree. There is no place in civilized discourse for personal attacks, and that includes using an opponent’s family in your argument, unless that person is a public figure, in which case I think that person’s public record is fair game. Neither of those applies to your family B. That was out of bounds.

  2. Thanks, Hertsel. And sure, I think we all sometimes throw a jab here and there at each other, and I understand that it gets personal, sometimes too personal.

    But for me, family is a boundary that doesn’t get crossed. Once that line is crossed, it’s no longer fun. I didn’t sign my family up for attacks from my blog (anonymous or not), nor did they sign themselves up. I’m not insulted; it’s just disruptive because of the differences in values.

  3. It’s weird because I never thought anyone would ever cross that line. Maybe it was just unexpected. I know lots of women who have come on the web and have faced non-relevant attacks on the way they look, even those who blog on politics.

    In either case, best to go where our values are similar. ๐Ÿ™‚

  4. @bigWowo
    Well, to AOR’s credit, it must be tough and stressful when it seems like almost everyone is against you. I would hate to imagine how difficult life must be if AOR did speak his views as honestly as he did here vis-a-vis actual people.

    That, however, does not excuse his tangential reference to your family, which I think was intended to deliberately incite you. And, thankfully, he has apologized.

  5. Definitely was intended to incite me, and I guess it worked. Men love their families.

    The apology does make it easier to move on in peace. ๐Ÿ™‚

  6. trolldetector:

    If you’re saying I support eugenics (which I do not because I am unable to make an informed and deep opinion on this matter currently), then you are wrong.

    It’s really bizarre and tasteless how you, trolldetector, can suddenly conclude that I do without any evidence.

    I can freely empathize with AOR and bigWowo because there simply isn’t one side that is all good and one side that is all evil. Apparently, some posters here just want to caricature AOR as some sociopathic hatemonger instead of a human being.

  7. Ironic that a screenname like “Trolldetector” is the more likely one of trolling by trying to inflame Reader.

  8. haha, some unloved pseudo-intellectualist spoilt brat who spams irrelevent eugenics theories over 300 pages on an asian activist blog hiding behind multiple anon names calls accuses me of inflaming. yes, that is ironic.

    @B On with the show minus the brat, hopefully.

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