NY Times begins charging for content

…and OUCH.  I knew they were going to charge, but man, they really decided to CHARGE.


$15 every four weeks, which is $195 a year for online access.  Compare this to the Wall Street Journal, which is $104 a year.  That’s brutal.  Both are brutal.  I understand that the news isn’t free, but to go from free to $195 is crazy!  I was one of the people who used to pay $5 a month for access to the Op-Eds, so I was expecting something more in line with $5 a month.  They may have priced me out of the market with this one though, especially in this economy.

They will become very profitable after this.  People LOVE the NY Times, and people will pay.  They’ve figured out how to make news media profitable.  (CNN.com, which is free, is profitable, but I think it has to do with the fact that they are broadcast media-based, rather than print-based.)

This may be the future of news media.  On the bright side, maybe it’ll create more jobs for good reporters.

2 thoughts on “NY Times begins charging for content

  1. Deleting the NYTimes.com cookie removes the paywall. You keep deleting the cookie everytime NYTimes puts up the paywall because you ran out of free looks.

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