Beautiful (Happy Valentine’s Day!)

Thank you to Eric and the Jubilee Project for creating and sending the video above. Becky Lee, one of the runner ups in Survivor Cook Islands (the one that Yul Kwon won), started the Becky’s Fund, which raises money to prevent domestic violence.  Every time someone watches this video, the sponsors will give a penny. So pass it along.

Outside of the money donations, I thought this was a sweet video for Valentine’s Day.  Check it out.

See the press release below:

The Jubilee Project Releases Fundraiser Video “Beautiful”

The Jubilee Project releases its February fundraiser video, called “Beautiful.” The video is a Valentine’s Day message dedicated to women and will support Becky’s Fund, a non-profit organization whose mission is to raise awareness and prevent dating and domestic violence. This organization was started by Becky Lee, who has fought to empower women and young girls and educate the community on domestic violence, which affects 1 in 3 women. Becky Lee was a second runner-up on Survivor: Cook Islands and used her winnings to start this organization. You can help Becky’s Fund by becoming a sponsor, or by simply watching the video.

This is how the fundraiser works. If you would like to support the cause financially, you can sign up to become a sponsor of the video, called “Beautiful.” Each sponsor will pledge to donate 1 penny (or more) for each view the video receives in the month of February. So if the video ultimately receives 1500 views by the end of the month, each donor will donate $15. If the video receives 3000 views, each donor will donate $30, and so forth. The sponsor can also choose to cap the amount they donate, but we ask that they make this clear when they first sign up to become a sponsor. You can sign up to sponsor the video by emailing and including “Beautiful Video Sponsor” in the subject line. You can sign up to become a sponsor up until the close of the fundraiser, which is the last day of February.

Furthermore, you can support the fundraiser and cause by helping us spread the “Beautiful” video throughout the month of February. Remember that each sponsor will sign up to donate at least 1 penny per view. So each time the video is viewed, a certain amount of money will be raised (ie. if we have 12 sponsors, 12 cents will be raised for each view). Thus, you can help raise money simply by watching the video and sending the video to as many friends and contacts online. At the end of the month, we will tally the views and ask each sponsor to donate the appropriated amount directly to Becky’s Fund, a non-profit organization whose mission is to raise awareness and take action against domestic violence. As such, all proceeds will go directly to Becky’s Fund. Learn more about them at

You can watch the “Beautiful” video here:

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