How Asians Age

I found this hilarious comic from Eurasian Sensation, originally created by the blogger Emiko (who I guess is Japanese?):

Emiko writes: “We’re pretty much teenagers until we hit some kind of milestone and then the age really sneaks up on us.”

I think this is true.  I wonder if there’s an evolutionary reason why this happens.  Did our ancestors tend to marry later?  Have more kids over a longer period of time?  Need to be able to run long distances at a later age?

By the way, perspectives change when you’re older.  I was talking to a young guy last year about some celebrity, and he said, “Attractive?  Yeah, I’d find her attractive, but she’s like 40 or something.” 

I said, “I’m almost there.”

He said, “Oops.”

Edit: The blogger is Emiko Sawanobori.  She does some good stuff.  Check it out here.  I’ve got tons of respect for people who can see and draw like that.

11 thoughts on “How Asians Age

  1. Kobukson,

    True that!


    With all due respect, not even close. It’s a question fit for evolutionary scientists, yes, but HBD isn’t evolution. HBD is a fringe religion that claims evolution, much the same way the Branch Davidians claimed Christianity.

    It’s kinda like I post on Peace, and Falun Gong evangelists coming out and saying, “Peace? That’s part of Falun Gong!” “Love? That’s part of Falun Gong.”

    We can talk about this in any of the other three HBD specific threads, if you like. I think you’re a bright guy, but this religion keeps on coming up again and again and again. I once had a friend like this. EVERYTHING was “well, God says” or “That’s what we do in CHURCH” etc. It gets a bit irritating…because you want to see what else a person has to offer outside of his religious belief system. You could make a comment on evolution or science–but why does HBD keep coming up?

    Do you see where we’re coming from? For me it isn’t even so much that I disagree with you, even though I do. It’s more like getting hit by Jehovah’s Witnesses every time I open my door!

  2. When I say “HBD”, it doesn’t mean “evil racist ideology”, but evolutionary biology and psychology. Galtonian says it best:

    “seriously, the interesting question to a person with a rational empiricist scientific frame of mind is not whether or not the HBD position is “racist”, or “compassionless”, but whether or not the HBD position is TRUE in a strictly factual sense.

    According to our modern Western moral doctrines it is wrong to be a racist. But to believe that Blacks are inherently stupider than Whites is an a priori racist viewpoint–YET IT MAY BE THE SCIENTIFICALLY TRUE VIEW. This modern paradox, where it is considered morally wrong for a person to admit that they believe in what they see to be the truth is why HBD is still only openly endorsed by a fringe element. Most people would rather pretend to disbelieve the truth and thus maintain their claim to the moral highground that is held by the non-Racist doctrine of ethnoracial group equality in innate cognitive ability levels.”

    You are talking over my head most of the time when you rail against HBD. I admit that my former blog and some of what you may have read has not given you a good impression of hbd, due to your liberal, conformist, and compassionate nature. The problem here is that you think the only reason why anyone would agree with HBD (well at least the intelligence differences part) is because of hatred and prejudice. So therefore, I must be full of irrational hatred and prejudice.

    Delete this IF YOU MUST (since this is not a thread on HBD and I don’t intend to make it one), but look when I write something that says “hey, this is due to HBD”, it is a reference to evolutionary biology and psychology, which examines possible answers such as the ones you brought up–Did our ancestors tend to marry later? Have more kids over a longer period of time? Need to be able to run long distances at a later age?

    I am just as interested as you, if not more interested, in these issues So there was a misunderstanding when I referred to HBD. Because what you be believe to be “hbd” is fundamentally different from what you believe it to be.

    I am probably not going to visit your blog again if you keep up with the immature comments about HBD and religion. It is extremely annoying as I am attempting to sanitize my blog and comments.

  3. AOR/OR:
    You wrote:
    “When I say “HBD”, it doesn’t mean “evil racist ideology”, but evolutionary biology and psychology.”

    Third rate hacks like Steve Sailer who are promoting a racial agenda and don’t have a biology background use the term “HBD.” Scientists like Dawkins and Gould use “evolution.”

    It’s clear to me that they’re not the same thing, but instead of debating that, why not just bypass it? Outside of those three blog posts, don’t use the term “HBD.” Use the term “evolutionary biology and psychology.” I don’t see how anyone would object to that when talking about silly things like why we age the way we do. If they’re the same thing, then it won’t change your meaning.

    Does that work?

    So why do you think Asian people age the way we do?

  4. My fave cartoon on Emiko’s blog is “Mortal Wombat”.

    @ kobukson:
    or alternatively, Kim Jong-Il looks like a 60-70 year old woman without boobs.
    I think older Asian women might prefer to see it from that perspective! 😉

  5. Bobby Lee has joke (and this is not a judgment either way on him) that goes something like, “my mom looked like Lucy Lui one day and the next day woke up looking like Yoda”

  6. Everyone fears aging for some reason and the older you get, the less people expect from you.
    I was watching “The Lemon Tree” on Netflix, starring the timelessly beautiful Hiam Abbass, with a younger male family member. It is a movie about a Palestinian woman who has to defend her lemon orchard when the Isreali defense minister becomes her next door neighboour.
    In any case, there is some attraction between her and her lawyer who is a younger man. Not that much younger, say possibly, between six to ten years. Each time, the scene seemed to sizzle with their sexual tension, he would gag and make comments about the fact that she was a grandmother; not willing to take into account that she probably married extremely early and possibly was only in her late forties and/or early fifties. In his mind , he could not understand that just because she had passed forty, her desires had not ended, her life had not ground to a stop and that she was and would always be the feisty, beautiful attractive woman. A woman who could bring her younger lawyer to his knees with want for her.

    We look at aging and we cringe, forgetting we will get there at some point; at least with all going well.

  7. Hey thurr!

    I stalked you from my blog comments and ended up here.
    Thank you for featuring my silly little comic on your site and also having a disproportionately intellectual discussion about it!
    That’s pretty amazing.

    Also, I am from a very Japanese family. My parents are still at the stage where they look pretty good for their age, but my mom’s undying love of Asian Mom Curls and sweatpants inspires me everyday.
    And, yes, Kim Jong Il totally dresses like a middle-aged woman.

  8. Hey Emiko,

    Thanks for your comment. I LOVE your work! And it’s hilariously true. 🙂 Those Asian Moms!


  9. Asian moms do love their curls!
    (I wonder if that’s the trendy thing when they were young or it’s simply an Asian mom thing)

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