David Duke and Dukian Doppelgangers

David Duke

A “doppelganger,” in the game Dungeons and Dragons, is a monster that changes shapes to mimic other humanoid creatures.  In the X-men, the same kind of creature is called a shapeshifter.  On the internet, a doppelganger is one who pretends to be someone that he or she is not.  It is a form of troll.  On Asian American sites, common doppelgangers tell people that they’re Asian when they really aren’t.

In 1973, David Duke, the famous Grand Dragon of the Ku Klux Klan, wrote a book called “African Atto,” a self defense manual for African American militants.  He wrote it under the pseudonym “Mohammed X.”  According to some reports, he did this in order to collect the names and addresses of black militants for future Klan usage.  Others say he was just trying to make a quick buck from black people.  I bet his racist heart got a kick out of that.

We’ve got a racist doppelganger on this site too.  He calls himself Chris and has claimed to be an Asian woman.  His story quickly fell apart when John Doe and mT started prodding (good work btw guys).  I don’t understand all the motivations of such racists, but I think they are vying for attention.  In their minds they see themselves as being above us and able to easily outsmart us.  Plus, they see our struggles and our humanity as trivial.  It’s just a game to them.  But let’s not take our eye off the ball–they are racist.  Their reason for acting as they do rests on their superiority complexes.  Just as David Duke took pleasure in making money from the very people against whom he committed his acts of racism and violence, so do racist doppelgangers enjoy playing with minority Asians.

Let me update my comment policy once again.  Doppelganging is not allowed.  You don’t have to tell all details of your life, but if you’re a non-Asian boy, don’t claim to be an Asian girl.  Sock puppets–when one person takes two user names in order to double the force of his or her own voice–are also not allowed.  Both of these tricks are deceitful and cowardly.  You don’t have to come forward with your identity in order to post here, but don’t claim to be something you’re not in order to lend more credence to your ideas.  People on this site (most of all me) don’t have time to play stupid games.

9 thoughts on “David Duke and Dukian Doppelgangers

  1. @TZ Nice website Taryn/Sunny I hope nobody is impersonating you.
    @Jaehwan It’s cool that you outed a phony troll, but please promote more Asian and Asian-American woman who still support, prefer and love Asian men in America and back in Asia. Less Amy Chua or Amy Tan and more like Betty Ming Liu or TZ.

  2. Haha! Well, don’t Chinese people reverse their names anyway? Taryn Zhang and Zhang Ta-Ren? One is just the fobby version of the other, like Jekyl and Hyde.


    We don’t know for certain, but Siggy is entertaining AT TIMES, so we can put up with him.

    mT and I have been doing this a really long time. We can tell. I’d be happy to explain it to you sometime how one can tell, but probably not on this blog. If you want to a phone call/podcast, we can do it then. I have a feeling you’re a bit younger (old people don’t use AzN), and it would be cool to talk to some younger Asian podcasters. Let me know.

  3. @B

    Everytime I hear my fobby name (as oppose to my English), whether it’s used by my mum, my sis or my hk girl. I know I’m in some kind of trouble.

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