Superbowl 44: Saints win!

What happened during that second half? I was cheering for the Saints, but I figured they were going to get blown out. I left for a dinner engagement after the second half when the Colts were winning 10-3, and then I find out that the Saints blew out the Colts. Wow. I missed an exciting second half.

Check out Scott Fujita above. He’s one the Saints’s linebackers. He’s a White guy with the last name “Fujita.”  His story is that he was adopted by a Japanese American father and Caucasian American mother, but he was raised Japanese. See some of the story here.  His father was born in an internment camp, and his grandfather fought for the 442nd.

Fujita family

Fujita family

Fujita used to introduce himself as Japanese:

I think Fujita is the real deal.  He’s outspoken and angry about the Japanese American internment, and he also speaks out for gay rights and abortion rights.  It’s awesome that he’s taking a stand, especially given that Focus on the Family ad:

“The idea of focusing on the family — who wouldn’t agree with that?” Fujita said. “But the means of doing so, he and I might not see eye to eye all the way.”

Fujita is now the proud owner of a Superbowl ring.  I hope he keeps fighting the good fight.  We need celebrities to speak out on our issues.

2 thoughts on “Superbowl 44: Saints win!

  1. I definitely have been impressed by some the interviews Fujita has given. I guess it (somewhat) answers the question that can a person who is not ethnically Asian American be CULTURALLY Asian American having been adopted and raised by an Asian American parent?

    It’s definitely not extremely common, but I know of more than a couple of Asian American families who have adopted non-Asian children.

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