Assembling the Team and 2010 Resolutions

Last year I only had two resolutions.  One was fitness.  I think I achieved that.  I trained and ran the Hood to Coast.  I was at my lightest body weight in years.  I can’t say that I’m a gym rat, but hey, that wasn’t the goal.  My other resolution was to help improve this site.  Whether I achieved that is debatable, as it always is.  What is not debatable is that the readers and commenters of this site became closer and more active.  We raised $250 for Sam Yoon and over $100 for the AALDEF.  Good stuff.  Thanks to you all.

So here’s what I’m doing for 2010.

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I have few concrete resolutions, but I now have a TEAM to manage my effectiveness and to help me become a better person.  Following Keith Ferrazzi’s advice (see my last post), I’ve assembled a Board of Directors for Byron, Inc.  Each person will crack the whip to make sure I achieve all my goals.  My board has:

A General Manager who is familiar with all aspects of what I do–business, writing, and nonprofit–and who can make sure that each works with the other.  She’ll manage the overall plan.

A Director of Fictional Creativity who is far more accomplished than me in writing AND who’s got beef with the current state of repetitiveness in Asian American Lit.  She’ll make sure that I’m sticking to the writing (I’ve been prolific recently).

A Director of Networking who is responsible for making sure I expand my network and personal contacts.  This is extremely important as my networking has gone stale since having kids.  My network guy knows a lot of people and has built a phenomenal network himself.  I want to expand and diversify.  I need to meet more people.

A Director of Philanthropy to get the money out.  Part of my goal is to become more generous, not just with time but with money.  Show (others) the money!  My director is a young philanthropist herself, and she’s helping me set money to be set aside to help people out.  This will not just help out others, but will hopefully make me a better person too.  🙂

A Director of Business to show ME the money.  I haven’t yet informed my prospect of his nomination to this position, but this position is critically important.  He’ll be the one who will help me improve the bottom line.  This is critical to get my recession-affected-broke self moving again.

So that’s what I plan to do.  I’m glad these directors have joined me.  If you all are looking to improve your own effectiveness, I highly recommend it.

In the next week or two, I’ll say a bit more about the Asian American Intellectualism and Activism part of what is in store for this year.  There will be changes.

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