Army Psychiatrist Murders 13

Nidal Hasan, suspected gunman

Nidal Hasan, suspected gunman

Most of you have probably seen the news of the Fort Hood shootings.  A trained and working Army psychiatrist, complete with a degree for Virginia Tech (my heart goes out to students at that school), Nidal Hasan allegedly opened fire at a military processing center, killing 12 soldiers and 1 civilian.  According to a report by the Washington Post, Hasan had endured religious harassment after 9/11 for his religious beliefs, and he snapped.  His aunt says that he tried to be discharged, but that the authorities wouldn’t do it.

Now I understand that religious discrimination is tough.  I understand that it’s hard to be fighting for a country if your own fellow soldiers seem to be against the very core of what you are.

But I’m sorry, this guy gets no sympathy from me.  When you agree to fight for a country in exchange for having the American taxpayer pay for your education or living expenses, you agree to do what your commanders tell you to do.  If you can’t take the heat, don’t sign up for kitchen duty.  And definitely don’t take your frustrations out on innocent people.

It’s the same deal with Ehren Watada.  I know I differ from most Asian American activists, but I think Watada is dishonest, cheating scoundrel. I’ve seen comparisons between Watada and the No-No boys, and I think that’s a total insult to the No-No boys.  Military service wasn’t forced on Watada.  Watada signed up for the military as a volunteer and was only too happy to collect his Army stipend paid for by MY tax dollars, until he was called to do what he agreed to do.  Then the shameless coward decided to bolt and hide behind Asian American activists.

Point is that Watada is not a draft dodger because he was never drafted.  He volunteered to fight.  He volunteered to obey his commanders in time of war.  It’s not as his commanders told him to massacre a city of innocents; they simply wanted him to fight.  Hey, I thought the Iraq war was illegal too, but when you sign up with the Army, you give up the right to rebel against it.  See the discussion on “consent” here.  Unlike the citizens born into a country, Watada actually signed a form relinquishing his consent to rebel or refuse.  You make a deal, you stick with it.  That’s what honorable men do.

Anyway, I’m glad Hasan will be alive to face the music.  I think Watada belongs in military prison for dereliction.

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  1. Yes, Nidal Hasan deserves to be executed.
    No, I wouldn’t compare Ehren Watada to Hasan.

    Watada did not murder 13 people because he “didn’t want to go overseas.” Watada refused to deploy to Iraq because he did not believe in the 2003 US invasion and occupation of Iraq. He even offered to go to Afghanistan! Let me repeat that. Watada even offered to go to Afghanistan instead.

    You cannot put a mass murderer who killed 13 innocent unarmed people in cold blood, and a CO who refused to fight for ethical reasons, into the same category.

  2. Watada offered to go to Afghanistan because he knew there was no way the military would accept that level of insubordination–“I’ll fight, but when and where I say.” It was a non-offer offer because he knew no self-respecting army would go along with the it. I don’t accept Watada’s ethics. He signed up with the military and agreed to obey his commanders in exchange for us paying his bills, and then he reneged. It’s shameful and dirty.

    Watada is a cheat and a thief, which is better than Hasan, who is a mass murderer. I agree that the two are different, but I think that the principle is the same–people need to do/accept what they’ve agreed to do, and they shouldn’t be wussy about it. To quantify, I’d say that Watada should’ve spent five years in prison, while Hasan should be locked up forever.


    Lance Corporal Harry Lew shot and killed himself after brutal, sustained hazing that was incurred after being caught sleeping on guard duty. At least, that’s the official story. He was beaten and coerced into physically exhausting acts, then made to dig a hole for himself (which was called a “trench”), in which he allegedly shot himself after climbing down into it on orders. According to the three marines who were beating him up on the orders of their superior.

    ^ Private Danny Chen found with a lethal gunshot wound to the head, entry point under the chin, after reporting racially motivated and sustained hazing. Military officials call it a suicide, and gives LITTLE information about the incident to his family. What’s with the rush to close the investigation or put it on the back burner? After all, isn’t this the age of Taliban infiltrators and sympathisers gunning down American soldiers? You’d think that if a soldier died in mysterious circumstances the military would want a full investigation on how it happened.

    All of this is unacceptable.


    Excerpt from article: “The accused Marines defended themselves by saying Lew, a Santa Clara High School graduate just a few months from returning home, had fallen asleep at least four times in 10 days while on watch, an extremely serious offense that in some cases can be punishable by death.”

    From one of the commentators, “Art Tarsa”: “Birdy, this was not hazing, like frat boys do in college for fun, this was a form of punishment long established in the Marine Corps, at least since I was in 40 years ago, that attempts to enforce regulations without resorting to formal non-judicial or judicial punishment. Lew deserved he punishment he got. Falling asleep while on guard duty, in combat, is one step below desertion in the face of the enemy. It cannot be tolerated, as it puts every other person being guarded at risk of death. By acting off the books, the three Marines who have been charged were attempting to spare Lew a general court martial, perhaps brig time, and a less than honorable discharge. I honestly believe they though they were doing Lew a favor by handling the situation ‘off the books’. The fact the Lew choose to kill himself later was his decision. Why he made that decision we will never know, but it could have been as much due to his personal sense of failure to do his sworn duty, to protect his fellow Marines, as anything else. Remember, that idea that he committed suicide due to the punishment meted out by his fellow Marines is just a theory too. The court martial will decide which theory is more acurate. I leave you with the following quotation:

    “There are only two kinds of people that understand Marines: Marines and the enemy. Everyone else has a second-hand opinion.”
    Gen. William Thornson, U.S. Army 1956″

    What about another theory? This was an execution committed “off the books”.

  5. Its obviously a murder and ‘reported suicide’ covers the tracks. who gives a fuck anyway? hes an asian american male….

    reported bullying by white cohorts? nosirrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrreeeeeeeeeeeee

    but hey its the media, so we believe what they tell us ( including the marine troll commentor and his dumb patriotic ‘quotation’

    military is legitimized murder. sooner people wake up to that rather than believing the patriotism shit that we are told to believe, the sooner we can boycott western global colonisation

    but will we? nooooo cos being a soldier makes you MAN. gosh darnit.

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