Be Effective, Not Popular

"Asashoryu (R) throws down Chiyotaikai"

"Asashoryu (R) throws down Chiyotaikai"

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Following up on our last Motivation and Strategy post, here is the next installment: Be Effective, Not Popular, advice from Scott Boras.

I think this is great advice.  In general, if you’re effective, people will respect you and your rewards will come; if you’re ineffective, no matter how nice you are, you’re going down.  On a professional level, this means finishing the job you’ve promised to do.  If you say that you’re going to do something, do it.  If you promise to lock a rate at 5%, do it.  If you promise to sell 100 widgets, do it.  Your customers and employer will respect you for achieving your target.  Take, for example, the President of the United States–if he creates an atmosphere for a strong economy and makes sure people are safe, people will respect him.  It doesn’t matter how many bridges he burns–look at Clinton–if the President gets the job done, people will applaud him for that.  As Boras says, when you’re doing your job, people will say lots of negative things about you, but in the end, they’ll be happier.  Treat people with respect, but know that you and everyone around you will be happier once you get things done.

Now how do you become effective?

I’ve found that the best way to be effective is to set realistic goals, which is another piece of advice in the CNN/Money article.  If you want to hold a discussion group, and it’s the first time you’re doing it, don’t aim for 100 people, aim for 10.  Make it manageable, maybe even easy.  It’s good to set goals that you know you can achieve, thereby getting into the habit of winning.  Once you develop experience in achieving goals, then it may make more sense to shoot for a stretch goal.

My friend Panther Head says it best: “Michael Jackson didn’t become the King of Pop overnight.”  Nor was Rome built in a day.  Set goals that are manageable, doable, and even easy, and make sure you hit your projections.  By achieving and winning, you’ll build confidence, and you’ll eventually be able to shoot for bigger targets.  Don’t worry about being popular or liked, worry about getting things done.  With that singular focus, you’ll be on the road to succeeding in everything you do.

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