Medium's Genius Screenwriting and Acting

Natasha Bedingfield's Soulmate

Natasha Bedingfield's Soulmate

If you didn’t catch the last Medium, you need to.  Check it out here (look at the episode list and click on “Bring Me the Head of Oswaldo Castillo.)  Not only was it an awesome episode; it also had a really dark song as the backdrop, Soulmate by Natasha Bedingfield.  Medium itself has always been dark, and it was a great finale for NBC before Medium moves from NBC to CBS.  I’ll talk about it below.

Before I do, I was wondering what NBC has going for them these days.  CBS will now have Medium, the greatest show ever.  CBS also has Survivor, Ghost Whisperer (which isn’t a great show cinematically, but it’s hard to be unpopular with Jennifer Love Hewitt), Two and a Half Men, NCIS, and the Amazing Race.  With Medium, CBS will have all the shows that I normally watch (Medium, Amazing Race, Survivor).

NBC, on the other hand, has…Heroes?  Five nights of Leno at 10 pm?  Celebrity Apprentice?  It’s not looking good for NBC in terms of TV shows.  They do have a good backlist–if you go to, you can watch old episodes of Knight Rider and Quantum Leap for free.  In terms of current new offerings, however, their menu is a bit thin.

I wanted to talk about the last Medium.  I wanted to type a bit about the music, the creation of suspense, and the absolutely phenomenal acting.  To discuss this, however, would require a bit of spoiler action on my part.  So if you haven’t already, watch the Oswaldo Castillo episode here, listen to the awesome song, and click show to read my gushing, I mean, observations: show

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