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Does everyone out there eat fish?

I’m a big Asian fish fan, that is, I usually prefer it Asian style–either Chinese style or Japanese sushi style.  It’s healthy, it’s clean, and it requires very little in terms of marinating, rubbing, etc.  There’s a clean feeling that comes from eating fish that doesn’t exist with other “meats.”  It’s good eating too–it won’t clog your arteries with cholesterol, and there are health benefits from the fact that most fish contain Omega 3. Plus, fish don’t release large amounts of methane into the atmosphere like cows.  Fish contain protein, which is essential to a healthy lifestyle.

The NY Times’s Mark Bittman had an interesting article a few days ago on eating fish and the environment.  See it here. It most definitely is something to think about.

For me personally, I think I’m fairly safe.  I buy tilapia, which, according to the wikipedia, breed like rabbits and aren’t even close to ever being endangered.  I also buy regular sea bass and pompano, along with an occassional carp, and none of these are on the endangered list.  I buy mackerel once in a while.  The only environmental question for me is salmon, which, because this is the Pacific Northwest, are sold all over the place.

By the way, I was proud of myself yesterday after successfully removing the gills of a fish with my knife.  I learned it here:

Remove Gills from Fish — powered by

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  1. Just to let you know that in many places Tilapia are farm raised to eat the ammonia waste (poop) of other fish being farm raised. In some areas, they are used to clear dirty water from wastes. Yum. Remember, the FDA has also rejected foreign tilapia (China) because of contaminants and carcinogens. You have to be aware that farm raised fish are really still under controversy with the environmental impact. So even if you buy fish that aren’t endangered, you may still be promoting environmental destruction because of the way fish are raised. I’m not saying I agree with the naysayers, but just one of those, hmm…let me think about if for a moment, kind of things. Of course, I ain’t going to stop eating my sushi. Toro….yum.

  2. I am not a biochemist. But does eating too much fish cause your mercury level to rise which would be a bad thing?

    Is it one plastic sandwich bag per gutted fish? That would be a lot of plastic sandwich bags.

    Does the movie Food, Inc. address any of the fish farming issues?

    Sorry for the kobe-esque post. Fish should militarize. Could this be the solution or can we learn to self-fish? 🙂

  3. Thanks, P2H, you made my day–that was a tilapia that I de-gilled yesterday! I’ve been retching and trying to detox my body since reading your post.

    So my brother-in-law, who is some kind of natural sciences dude, recommended this guide from the California Academy of Sciences on what kind of seafood to eat:

    According to the guide, sometimes it’s better to eat wild (salmon), while sometime it’s better to eat farmed (caviar, catfish). And…oh no…I just checked the linked Monterey Guide, and it shows that Tilapia can be eaten, but we should eat it live:

    Yikes. I guess I should ask where they’re getting it from. It’s $2/lb. for the regular dead Tilapia, $5/lb. for the one in the tank. That’s some serious bucks.

    Oh no again! Pompano is overfished.:

    It isn’t on any endangered list, but it looks like it could be hurting. I’m okay on the seabass though…

  4. mT:

    Only certain fish have mercury problems. Albacore tuna, for example.

    About the plastic bags–actually, it’s two bags where I buy it. There’s a plastic inner lining for the fish, and then a larger bag. So yes, it’s lots of plastic. I don’t know what the alternative is. Maybe I should show up with a cooler?

    That’s a good question about waste. Where does all the styrofoam packaging for meat go? It’s probably collecting somewhere.

  5. hi, im kobe of “kobe”esque postings….

    about the fish; there was a way to detox the fish when they were live in a tank.
    the medications they lace the water with, i forgot what it was. it was like that fruit and veggie dip to remove pesticides.

    there was the two huge garbage dumps in the pacific ocean used by I think the US in the 40s and 50s on. that documentary on discovery or neo geo?

    then there was the US armadas equiped with Fusion reactors to filter the ocean waters to refuel with ocean waste. check Mr Fusion of back to the future.
    ie USS George H W Bush

    on the sushi in question. there was a vid on youtube about the sushi you order and sushi you eat are not the same. DNA tests do not match, biochemist at cal tech did it.

    fishies should stay in schools; dont drop out, have a better future. dont gang up on unsuspecting asian swimmers.

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