The Disney Machine

Kelly Pena, the "kid whisperer"

Kelly Pena, the "Kid Whisperer"

Everyone probably already knew this, but Disney has a research department aimed at finding out how to best ensnare young children’s minds.   One of their researchers is Kelly “the Kid Whisperer” Pena. The article says:

Her undercover mission: to unearth what makes him tick and use the findings to help the Walt Disney Company reassert itself as a cultural force among boys.

It’s funny that they mention Anne Sweeney.  I actually wrote to Anne Sweeney regarding Miley Cyrus’s racism, along with many others.  Of course she didn’t respond.  The entire Asian American blogosphere was up in arms over the racism, but Disney listened instead to the paid consultants who deliver the dollars vs. the millions of Asian Americans who have endured the violence accompanied by that racist gesture.

I believe that the stance (or lack of a stance) that Disney took with Miley Cyrus is morally wrong.  It’s racism supported by a large institution–Miley crossed from individual to brand a long time ago, and they failed to manage their brand.  Disney has tons of money invested in how to best spread a particular message and capture the minds of a particular segment of the young population.  I’m not blaming them for expansion–their primary responsibility is to their shareholders.  Nor am I saying that we should go crazy over another slight.  But it’s clearly wrong, and I believe we should be aware.   We’re probably not going to win this battle, but let’s set a foundation so that we can build and influence our young kids to move into a different direction.

6 thoughts on “The Disney Machine

  1. When I have children, the only Disney anything I’ll let them watch will not have a single human person portrayed in it.

    My Children are going to hate me for it.

  2. …I saw a really old guy on Baxter Street (Chinatown NYC) selling DVDs of Miley Cyrus’ latest movie. He was also selling DVDs of the new Dragonball, and also that blackjack movie 21. I bet he’ll have Airbender if/when it comes out.

    I suggest we keep our $$ within the community, and encourage tourists to do their DVD shopping in Chinatown.

    What do you think?

  3. Keeping the money within the community is a good idea, although illegal. You can always buy used copies from Amazon, Craigs list, or other sites, if your kid just needs to have it.

    If you can’t destroy or compromise Disney’s ability to make profits, at least bring it to a standstill.

    Better for the environment anyway.

  4. Buying used is also a great idea. It is something most of us never consider.

    As for what you consider to be illegal: just because something is illegal doesn’t mean it is wrong. Remember that in some states, President Obama’s parents could not legally marry.

  5. I don’t consider it illegal. The law does.

    Buying a pirated version as a form of protest is perfectly fine to me. But if you’re caught, don’t BS yourself.

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