Mr. Li and the Western Hemisphere on a Bucket of Water

In high school, I had a teacher named Mr. Li.  Mr. Li  was the teacher who knew everything.  Because he was so smart, everyone sought his advice. He was the teacher who taught us to challenge everything that people had told us.  He was the teacher whom other teachers sought for advice.  He was also the teacher who introduced me to the writings of Frank Chin, which changed my life forever.

Anyway, one area where we liked to test him was the topic of college admissions.

We asked him, “Mr. Li, what are the lowest grades that Harvard would accept?”

He answered, “F.”

Thinking that he was answering another question, we asked, “What is the lowest GPA Harvard would accept?”

He shrugged.  “0.0.”

I stepped forward and said, “I don’t think so.  Why would Harvard accept someone with a 0.0 GPA?  They could have anyone.”

He answered, “If you could figure out how to power the entire Western Hemisphere with a bucket of water but you failed every single class in school, I think they’d take you.”

I shut up.

Anyway, I thought of Mr. Li when I read this story: Inventor turns cardboard box into eco-friendly oven.

2 thoughts on “Mr. Li and the Western Hemisphere on a Bucket of Water

  1. Oh, sweet! That site even has step-by-step building instructions. Good stuff. Maybe that can be a project with the kids one of these days.

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