Podcast: bigWOWO and the Asian American Movement Blog


Larry from the Asian American Movement Blog visited yesterday, and we did a podcast.  Download it here, or listen to it here:

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It’s 25:39 minutes long and 11.7 megs. During the first 8 minutes and 30 seconds, we discuss Larry’s new blog, how he got involved with the Asian American Movement Ezine, and where they are looking to take the blog. During the remaining 18 minutes, Larry and I talk about the Miley Cyrus incident, activism, the Asian American blogosphere, and getting things done.

I think you’ll all like this podcast. What I appreciated most was the discussion about how the real world operates, how we ought to define success and failure, and how we can change the public conversation.

As I promised sometime during the second section, I will soon post a downloadable database on bigWOWO for those who want to write Disney and give them a piece of your mind.  I didn’t put down the entire board or management team, but there are a good 13 influential people who you’ll be able to contact with a simple mail merge and stamp.  It’ll save you at least an hour of work, and you’ll be able to reach more people with your message.

4 thoughts on “Podcast: bigWOWO and the Asian American Movement Blog

  1. When did aamovement.net get active again? I remember checking it out back in the day and never seeing any updates.

    I do see some updates now, and I see that the old forum is gone.

    Also, about the Asian guy next to Miley Cyrus in that photo:

    I agree that insincere half-apologies are meaningless. Remember the insult against Filipinos in that Desperate Housewives episode? Filipino groups got a promise from ABC that they would start “a long-term relationship with the FilAm community that will open doors to Filipino Americans and enable them access to positions in ABC as writers, directors, producers, including an internship & training program.” I’d call that a victory.

  2. Good find, Scowl! Well, I guess that Asian “kid” isn’t a kid. So I hope he’ll step up and say something. Unfortunately, in the Hollywood world, I think it’s easy to buy friends, and as a photographer dealing with these people, he probably sells his soul every day.

    I sent out my letters today, all 13, plus copies to the Organization of Chinese Americans and the Committee of 100. I’ll post more about it later.

  3. Yeah, I want to know what a 24 year old is doing hanging out with a bunch of teeny boppers.

    I wouldn’t expect too much from Chuck Willis, though. With a name like that, odds are that he’s adopted. When those of us with Asian parents so often become so very assimilationist, what hope is there for him?

  4. I’ve met adoptees from both extremes. A really good friend of mine was raised by super militant white folk, and so she’s super militant too when it comes to racial issues.

    Anyway, aside from the racial issues, I’ll be anything that Chuck Willis rarely speaks out against anything. I’m sure more than once he has opened his mouth only to be greeted by “Watchoo talkin’ about, Willis?”

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