Check out this awesome CNN video on bamboo. Bamboo is awesome. It’s a form of grass, it grows really quickly, and according to the video, it absorbs quite a bit of carbon dioxide. It’s strong, durable, and it looks cool.  Check out the video to see what people can build with bamboo.  And it’s not just Asian people who are into it!

Actually, my home has bamboo flooring, and part of the reason we went the bamboo route was the smaller environmental impact.  Our hardwood floor installer is an environmentalist, and he highly recommended it.  He explained that if you put cherry or oak flooring in, you basically kill the tree, leaving the roots in the ground. It doesn’t grow back.  With bamboo, they cut it down, and it grows right back up.  And when they cut it down again, it grows right back up again!  That’s sustainability.  The bamboo for flooring is compressed and engineered, which also makes it much stronger than normal hardwood, so not only is it good for the environment, it’s also practical.  Four years have passed since installing our bamboo, and we still love it.

Look at this. Isn’t it beautiful?

Awesome flooring

Awesome flooring

(Photo from here. My floor looks exactly the same, but I’m too lazy to snap a photo right now.)

So if any of you are looking to install new flooring while reducing your environmental footprint, be sure to check out bamboo.  And if you’re in the Portland area, I’ve got a great installer.

2 thoughts on “Bamboo

  1. I was seriously considering floating a bamboo floor over the existing subfloor upstairs. I wanted something hard for the ease of cleaning, and the beauty of the bamboo was really tempting. However, in the end, the time it was going to take me, the expense up front on the order, and the lack of time I had before I needed everything done and installed, I went with carpet. Luckily, I did my part with post-consumer recycled nylon fabrics. I do still sort of wish I had done the bamboo flooring though.

  2. Cool deal. Good to hear that we’re all doing our part!

    We had carpeting and linoleum downstairs before we replaced the whole thing with bamboo, and it definitely adds a different kind of atmosphere to the rooms. We now have part of it covered with a throw rug because my older one can get rough, so carpeting is good too (and for a while when he was younger, we were wishing we had gone with the carpeting instead!).

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