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Tim Kang as Kimball Cho in the Mentalist

In general, I don’t like TV.  I tend to watch a lot these days since I’m too tired to do anything else, but in general I’d rather be doing anything else.  The only show I really like is Medium–which is the best written show ever.

I’ve avoided the Mentalist mostly because the main character was annoying as hell in the commercials (and is even more annoying in the actual show).  After seeing way too many annoying commercials, I finally tuned in a couple days ago for the first time.

The jury is still out on the show itself, but Tuesday’s episode was great.  It’s about…drum roll…Pick Up Artists!  I thought it was hilarious since the main suspect/PUA was using the same lines that I’ve heard since first learning about the “movement.”  I felt enlightened.  Tim Kang, who plays Agent Kimball Cho, was especially good in this episode.  Man, that guy is smooth!  I saw him in Robot Stories where he was also good, but the Mentalist shows his true range.  Check out part of the episode here.  (The browser bar says you can watch full episodes, but I can’t figure it out, so if someone more CBS-savvy knows how, let me know.)

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  1. Y’all won’t believe this, but they had Agent Cho’s girlfriend on the Mentalist today. I’ve avoided the show almost entirely since realizing that Cho’s the only good thing about it, but I tuned it after learning that Cho was the main story.

    His girlfriend was played by Sandrine Holt, a former runway model who wiki says is half-Chinese.

    Kang’s acting, as usual, was excellent.

  2. If you find Simon Baker to be annoying in The Mentalist, there’s a good chance you don’t like House either; or Lie to Me; or any TV show where the main character is an anti-hero. Simon Baker gives an outstanding performance that earned him Emmy and Golden Globe nominations for his role as Patrick Jane. The romantic dynamic and volleying between Mr. Jane and Agent Lisbon is what makes the TV show worth watching. And it’s not just all about Simon Baker, the rest of the cast is equally interesting.

    My favorite character in the Mentalist happens to be Agent Kimball Cho. He has that ability to maintain a straight face in the most awkward situations, and he is a master of deadpan humor.

  3. I enjoyed the Cho-centric episode but was disappointed with Tim Kang’s performance. He’s not much of an actor, very wooden and unconvincing in emotional scenes. (not in the same calibre as Daniel Dae Kim who’ a fine actor). Tim’s very one-dimensional ….and Cho’s deadpan humor is getting old

    Oh, and I like Patrick Jane. He is an arrogant SOB but is still one of the most interesting characters on TV. Mr Baker carries the show beautifully.

  4. @Shelly: I agree that at times Cho’s humor is becoming same-ol’, but Tim Kang is a supporting actor compared with Simon Baker, and there are times when even Agent Cho is snickering on camera.

  5. I must say I don’t think his acting is that great I agree with ShellyYan its bit wooden. That being said there are 1000 crappy white and black actors (see CSI and NCIS garbage).

    The Mentalist was decent until this season when it got stupid when there was the shooting in the office and the boss told off the reporter and said something along the lines that investigators get by on almost no money which was so redicluous as they drive around in new SUVs and work in a beautiful office. He also said something about $10 whore which was so cliche and sexist.

    Then again after seeing The Wire almost everything else is second rate. (seeing The Wire is to become like a born again christian, you won’t shut up about it, also you have to watch it from season 1 and in order as it is like a novel)

  6. “If you find Simon Baker to be annoying in The Mentalist, there’s a good chance you don’t like House either; or Lie to Me; or any TV show where the main character is an anti-hero.”

    Wow, I completely disagree. I’m a huge fan of “House” (and I laugh at “Curb Your Enthusiasm,” which stars an even bigger asshole) but I find Patrick Jane one of the most irritating characters on television. Just because a show tries to write an anti-hero doesn’t mean they’re succeeding at it.

    The difference between “House” and “The Mentalist” is that the “House” writers KNOW they’re showing us an asshole every week, and they don’t pull their punches or pretend otherwise.

    “The Mentalist” wants to have its cake and eat it too – they want to show Patrick Jane as a rule-breaking jackass, but they also want to have a light quirky comedy, and the two don’t always mesh well. Sometimes it feels like they’re pulling their punches, or writing Patrick Jane as a little bit of a “god mode” character who knows everything and gets away with everything and, gosh, isn’t smirky Simon Baker cute? I hate that. If you’re going to show me an asshole character, go all the way.

    Having said that, I love Cho and think Kang’s a great actor (although they don’t give him enough to work with). I thought his pick-up artist scene was a truly fantastic comedy piece and it really required Kang to pull off a tough trick: he had to be a strong comedic presence, but he also had to be straight-up sexy. Most actors can’t manage ONE of those, but he combined them and made it look completely easy and natural. Also, I think it’s worth noting that he has great arms.

    I wish the new “Law & Order” spin-off would poach him.

  7. Thanks for your comment, Mary!

    I’ve not seen the other shows mentioned, but I agree with you, and in general, I do like anti-heroes. Holden Caulfield is an anti-hero, as are the fun-loving bunch in Tortilla Flats. Patrick Jane just comes across as a goofy, unserious, and annoying jerk who chimes in just because he likes the sound of his own voice. A lot of it has to do with his whole attitude and disrespect towards others, combined with the fact that the writers always make him right.

    I don’t watch the show, but Tim Kang’s deadpanning is okay by me.

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