Welcome 2009!

(Video: “Esora” by Mr. Children)

Welcome to the New Year! Just another 17 more days of Bush! I’m happy, the stock market was happy, shoe companies are happy, and everyone I know seems to be in a better mood.  I have a feeling that 2008 is not a year that people will miss.  Wasn’t it supposed to be a lucky number since it ended in 8?  So much for those superstitions.

Here’s an interesting article on Obama’s formative years at Punahou, the elite high school in Hawaii.  One thing that interests me about the human experience is that our formative experiences start early, even before we have the ability to make decisions for ourselves, such as where we go to school.  (I’m assuming that a 10 year old doesn’t decide where he goes…presumptuous but probably true.)  The story stresses to me the importance of being good parents and making good decisions for our children when they are younger.  As I mentioned on another blog, parents only serve as guides, and we don’t determine the personalities or choices of our children.  But our decisions often influence our kids for the rest of their lives.  We need to be good decision-makers.  It looks like Obama’s parents/grandparents made a good decision in sending him to Punahou.  (It also shows that they valued education.)

This observation is also related to my last post of ’08.  Parents never really know what the right decision is.  We gather the facts, examine them, and choose what we belive to be the best path.  I’m sure every parent makes mistakes, but we hope that in the end the sum of our decisions add up to something positive.

By the way, if you want to see the lyrics/translation of the song above, check it out here.

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