Go home and procreate

There’s an interesting video on CNN about Canon Japan and its new program to get workers to go home early and “procreate.” See the article here. What a great company! I’m proud to own a Canon digital camera.

There were a number of questions/thoughts that popped into my head after watching/reading this.

1. How does the company benefit from sending its workers home early? Cutting overtime seems rather useless compared with the more common method of cutting workforce. Plus, if these people do have babies who scream through the night, they’re going to be tired and walking around like zombies, and they’ll be more or less useless to the company. (I’m speaking a bit from experience.)

2. How does the system work in Japan? Does Canon get public money to encourage childbearing? If it’s a national problem, one would think that the nation would provide incentives. What does the company or country do for parents after they have children?

3. I’ve known this for a long time, but I’ll say it again: the U.S., through it’s tax laws, provides good benefits for having children but lousy benefits for keeping them. Other less affluent countries in Europe have mandatory maternity periods along with government sponsored healthcare. Americans get none of this, and childcare costs are ridiculously expensive in this country.

2 thoughts on “Go home and procreate

  1. Maternity leave of 12 weeks (most unpaid if you don’t have short term disability insurance) is also daunting. I believe that many parts in Canada offer one year of PAID maternity leave…

    Go home and procreate, huh? What about just going home and practicing…?

    I suspect that there’re federal incentives… like tax reduction or something? I’ve read that there are similar problems with low birthrates in European countries as well and the govts have had to offer similar incentives.

  2. Practice makes perfect. 🙂 I think the closest Japanese word is kaizen, which means continuous improvement.

    Japan is also in trouble because they don’t have a very welcoming immigration policy. There really are only two ways to increase the population, immigration and procreation. They’ve got tons of Chinese, Koreans, and Brazilians who would love to become Japanese citizens if given the chance.

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