Endowments: A Possible Solution to the Media Problem

I’m excited.  A NY Times Op-Ed just proposed a solution for the media problem that I’ve been blogging about.  (see here, for example).

I don’t remember when I said it, but I did: most literary writers, in the future, will most likely be employed by foundations rather than private companies.  The money just isn’t there.  It’s not that big of a deal–most literary writers are and will continue to be broke anyway–but it speaks against the idea that writers will be independent.

I don’t know what I feel about having newspaper companies becoming nonprofits.  Nonprofits have their own biases, and it’s going to be very different living in a world where media companies are dependent on donations–think about how politicians get themselves into compromising positions all the time over money.  Still, it’s imperative that we make sure that newspapers and reporters continue to do their work.  To make democracy work, we need to keep people informed.

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