Industries that are Booming during our Recession

With the new birth, I’ve been on paternity leave and haven’t been going out much.  Even before the second baby, we hardly ever went out for dinner, but usually I went out at least a few times a week for lunch, and we usually either went out for breakfast or lunch at least once during the weekend.  However, with the new birth, we’ve been cooking for almost two weeks straight–everything comes from the supermarket.  I’ve been getting all creative in the kitchen (although sometimes not always successfully)!   In these hard economic times, that’s a good thing; eating out adds up, and anything that cuts the bills is a good thing.

So just a few days ago, I was reading an article that said that fewer people were eating at restaurants these days.  The Bush administration’s policies have wiped out entire companies, and because people don’t have jobs and don’t have the same kind of credit cards that were once available, they are scaling back.  I joked with my wife that that must mean certain people in other industries must be doing well.  Supermarkets must be booming like crazy.  After all, a person’s gotta eat, right?

Well, today I saw this article about Spam.  Because Spam is cheap, evidently it’s selling like crazy, even before the first president born in Hawaii is sworn in!  I love Spam.  It’ll kill you if you eat too much, but the taste is good, the preparation is easy, and it creates lots of opportunities for jokes around the dinner table.

I also didn’t know that Spam was invented during the Great Depression.  How fitting.

Invented during the Great Depression by Jay Hormel, the son of the company’s founder, Spam is a combination of ham, pork, sugar, salt, water, potato starch and a “hint” of sodium nitrate “to help Spam keep its gorgeous pink color,” according to Hormel’s Web site for the product.

Because it is vacuum-sealed in a can and does not require refrigeration, Spam can last for years. Hormel says “it’s like meat with a pause button.”

Anyway, I found this article both informative and uplifting.  Informative, because you can never talk too much or learn enough about Spam; uplifting because we need to hear stories about industries that are booming.  Though the news is gloomy, there’s always something positive going on if you look hard enough.

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