End the Politics of Hate

Racist McCain Supporter

Here’s an online petition that you can circulate and send to your friends.  You can see the video here.  Above, you can see what some of these McCain supporters are doing–yes, that’s a monkey.  To date, McCain hasn’t said or done anything of substance to prevent this kind of race baiting.  Sarah Palin is inciting this hatred among racists and xenophobes; I guess she really does feel at home in the “heartland.”

I’ve seen stuff on the internet saying that McCain is racist, and while I personally don’t believe that he is (no one has proven it, other than the “gook” comment), I do believe that he’s courting the racist vote.  I understand why he’s doing it–he’s down in the polls, and he’s about to get beaten by a black guy with a “foreign name”–but it’s a dirty tactic, and when you consider the human toll that racism has on our society, it’s unbecoming for a man who says he loves America.  His choice of Sarah Palin proves that McCain will do whatever he thinks will win the election–country be damned–and I doubt that he’ll change course just because we send him a petition.  Still, it’s good to sign this petition because:

a) We need to let people know when they’re doing wrong

b) We need to let the American people know when politicians use dirty and divisive tactics

Sign the petition here.

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