Removing Woodrow Wilson

I don’t know about you, but I’m getting tired of these crybullying grievance collectors. The attitude is best represented by the woman in the video above: “This university owes us everything.” “We owe White people nothing.” “All of this is MINE. My people built this place.”

So they’re trying to remove Woodrow Wilson’s name from Princeton. Read the NY Times article here. The Asian American student has the best quote:

His tablemate Calvert Chan, a sophomore who is Asian-American, said, “If the criteria for naming a building for someone was that they’d be perfect, we shouldn’t name buildings.”

Jesus in India gets cancelled

Photo credit: Clarion University

Photo credit: Clarion University

I saw this story a few days ago: Cancellation of College Production of ‘Jesus in India’ Over Casting of White Actors Prompts Debate. It’s a story of how Lloyd Suh, a Korean American playwright, stopped a college production of one of his plays because the actors were White kids playing Indian people. The students at Clarion University had already begun rehearsals–Lloyd Suh first complained about the casting on November 2nd and asked the producers to change the casting on November 9th, and the performances were set to begin on November 18th. I’m assuming they also already spent lots of money on the set and promotion. In the end, they were not allowed to do the play. As you all know, I’ve spoken out against racebending before. But this is different. While I understand Lloyd Suh’s views on diversity, he made the wrong decision here. I think he hurt a lot of people with his decision, and he lost an opportunity to take the role of teacher.

The Cultural Revolution Comes to the U.S.

For anyone who thought that the communist purges that China experienced in the mid-twentieth century were crazy, that time is upon us right now (Thanks, ChineseMom). College students getting bullied, physical intimidation, extremists talking nonsense, the establishment of a racial hierarchy that allows certain people to behave badly because of race alone…it’s all here. You’re either going to get with the program and join them, or they will make your life miserable.

Look, there are some real racial problems in the U.S. This, for example, should never have happened:

There are also real complaints about microaggressions.

Where Ronda should go from here, and why MMA fighters shouldn’t stay too long

I knew it was going to happen sooner or later. But it happened to Ronda Rousey on Saturday. Not only did she lose, but she got KO’ed less than a minute into the second round. I don’t think Holm dominated, as many commentators have said, but she was definitely controlling the distance with her striking and outlanding Ronda. She was definitely winning before she got the KO. Since the fight, people have been jumping in to kick Ronda when she’s down. Trump tweeted that he was happy, as did some of Ronda’s old opponents. You shouldn’t take these seriously. But what you should consider is the validity of the hindsight advice that some in the media are giving Ronda: “She shouldn’t have tried to outbox Holly!” “The strategy was all wrong!” “It’s her coach!”

Trigger warnings affecting mental health

Image credit: Andrew B. Myers, the Atlantic

Image credit: Andrew B. Myers, the Atlantic

Thanks, E, for sending this excellent and timely article: The Coddling of the American Mind. In this Atlantic article, the author discusses how “trigger warnings” and other liberal extremist projects may be contributing to mental health problems among college students and young workers. I’ve blogged about this fanatical nonsense before. If every response to a serious question is “you’re racist” or “you better check your privilege” or “is that a threat?” or you say that the validity of basic math is “dehumanizing,” you’re not going to go anywhere with your argument. But worst of all, you’re hurting people by creating a world where young people don’t have to face reality. They can remain children their entire lives, throwing tantrums whenever they feel like it.

The cop and the texter


By now, you’ve all heard of police officer Ben Fields who was fired for slamming a high school girl who refused to leave after getting in trouble for texting during class. According to reports,

Police say the incident began around 11 a.m. when the girl became disruptive in her algebra class and was texting on her phone. Her teacher asked the student to leave, and when she refused, an administrator was called in, Lott said.

Simultaneous interpretation

Thought some of you bilinguals might enjoy this article: How To Translate Spoken Language. I’ve always been super-impressed by interpreters who can interpret and listen at the same time (simultaneous interpretation). As the Chinese interpreter in the video above says, “you have to speak while the speakers are speaking.” It helps that UN translators only translate into their mother tongue, but still, it’s hard to listen and speak at the same time. It’s especially hard if you get tripped up over a word; a large part of effective interpretation is keeping up with the timing.

China to end the one-child policy

After more than thirty years, China is ending the one-child policy. Instead of being restricted to one, people will now be able to have two. China is making the change in part because of concerns over a rapidly aging population that will stress resources, a concern that was voiced from the very beginning by economists all over the world.

I have to agree with those who say the one-child policy was one of China’s biggest mistakes. 30 years is enough to ingrain the idea of one-child into the culture. It’s likely that China will face the same kind of population problems that Japan currently faces.

Movies Without Mandonese

Mrs. WOWO and I have recently been watching Chinese movies on Hulu. Many of these movies are following the popular trend of cross-market casting. To sell the movie in Korea, for example, they’ll use Korean star actors. They’ll often teach the Korean star a few words of Chinese, and they’ll give him/her a relatively small speaking part. Korea and Japan cross-over in similar ways. But I’ve noticed that it’s different when Chinese/HK producers cross-market to Mandarin and Cantonese-speaking populations. These days, they’ll often just have the actors speak their own language exclusively so that viewers from their respective markets can see their actors/actresses speak in their native language.

Container living

Just saw this article in the NY Times. The article reports on two communities that are finding creative ways to get around soaring rents: Containertopia, where techies live in 160-square-foot shipping containers, and homeless people living in boxes designed by artist Gregory Kloehn.

Check out the video above to see how these techies are living off the grid. This is cool in so many ways. I’m not sure I’d like pooping in a 5-gallon bucket (and I’m not sure if the toilet, stove, and solar panels are still workable now that they’ve moved into an indoor warehouse), but it’s really awesome that they’ve built this experience. According to co-founder Luke Iseman, the main problem with the outdoor setup was water. It’s fascinating not just for the coolness factor, but also for the learning factor.