SJW’s and Anti-Asian Racism

It’s in the National Review, but it’s nice to see it out there anyway: Why Social Justice Warriors Think It’s Okay To Be Racist Towards Asians. It brings up many of the issues that we’ve discussed over the years. Asians get screwed by colleges in college admissions, Asians get targeted for violence on the streets, but no one sheds any tears for us.

Total Collapse of Leadership

Photo credit: Doug Mills/The New York Times

David Brooks once again nails it with this piece: What a Failed Trump Administration Looks Like:

The first conclusion is obvious. This administration is more like a medieval monarchy than a modern nation-state. It’s more “The Madness of King George” than “The Missiles of October.” The key currency is not power, it’s flattery.

The corollary is that Trump is ripe to be played. Give the boy a lollipop and he won’t notice if you steal his lunch. The Japanese gave Trump a new jobs announcement he could take to the Midwest, and in return they got presidential attention and coddling that other governments would have died for.

White Supremacists

Check out the video above. It’s a Viceland show where a comedian named Jamali Maddix visits a White Supremacist and shows us how they live. It’s very interesting. That first NSM guy actually invited Jamali into his home to have dinner with him. Then you’ve got the wife who wants a Jewish genocide. Then you’ve got the guy who shouts, “Speak English or get out!” followed by “Sieg Heil.” Then there are those crazy dudes by the Klan bar. I’m not a Christian, but I thought the pastor had an interesting perspective. I really liked how he talked about victimization.

Jake Shields defends Trump supporter

Anyone see the video of the aftermath? These weren’t the guys beating on the Trump supporter, assuming that’s what happened. But still. Why is the Left instigating violence? What did the Left gain when they killed the two NYPD cops? Do they really believe violence will help things? And why are UC Berkeley kids following in the footsteps of violent goons?

Two things occurred to me:

  1. A “middleweight” MMA fighter looks huge when he stands next to normal people. I think I had the same impression when I saw Anderson Silva with Dan Inosanto.

Neil Gorsuch

I like Trump’s first pick for the Supreme Court, and I have to admit that I’m surprised Trump picked him. From everything I’ve read about Neil Gorsuch, he seems like a judge who puts lots of time into thinking about the decisions he makes. I don’t know as much about Merrick Garland, but my gut is telling me that Gorsuch provides much needed balance to the court. He doesn’t sit on the bench, say nothing, and then always vote conservative (Thomas). Nor does he scream like a wounded chicken, talk about victimization, and always vote liberal (Sotomayor). He’s an outdoorsman, which I hope means that he will be able to hear environmental arguments, should environmental cases ever reach the high court. He’s also mostly conservative and seems to employ common sense, which I hope means that he’ll see through the illogical arguments from all the affirmative action proponents.

Immigration Ban

This has to be the stupidest action ever taken by an American president during my lifetime. And that includes the time that W invaded Iraq. We’ve never had a single incident of domestic terrorism from any immigrants from these countries. Instead, it looks like we’re banning at least one promising young scientist along with college students and people fleeing oppression. Keep in mind, these aren’t illegals. These are people who have gone through all the proper legal channels. Google said that 187 employees are being affected. Tech leaders are all up in arms, as they should be.

Asian American Preppers

An Asian American FB friend posted this article from the New Yorker: Doomsday Prep For the Super-Rich. Evidently prepping just isn’t for the middle-class anymore. The super-rich are doing it too, which should be scary given that the super-rich now control the country. If they have no faith in their own ability to run it, then how should the rest of us feel? The article talks about rich peoples’ obsession with New Zealand as an escape. Even Peter Thiel, Mr. Trump’s most famous Silicon Valley backer, has invested in New Zealand as an escape destination when The Shit Hits The Fan (TSHTF). If Peter Thiel is hedging, what should the rest of us do?

This is going to be a long four years

Did anyone else see the inauguration? Did you hear his speech about “American carnage?”

It’s going to be a long four years of gaslighting, lying, scandals, ethics violations, fearmongering, and smearing. How he’ll even have time to deal with policy is anybody’s guess.

I’m watching the commentary on CBS, and the commentator remarked that he didn’t hear the new president ask the American people to do anything. He didn’t ask for unity, and he told a story about an America overrun by drugs, violence, and economic collapse. He slammed Obama, ignoring the data that things aren’t bad. He advocated for economic protectionism.

The Supremes at Earl’s All-You-Can-Eat (Half Review)

Today I finished the book The Supremes at Earl’s All-You-Can-Eat by Edward Kelsey Moore. It was really good. It’s about three older African American women in Indiana who are known in town as the Supremes (because they remind people of Diana Ross and her group). The book delves into their lives, their loves, their children, and their missed ambitions. The lives of all the characters revolve around Earl’s All-You-Can-Eat, a local restaurant where all the interesting characters in town hang out. I loved the small town feel of the story and how the characters were far removed from the politics of their time. Edward Kelsey Moore presents a cast of very interesting personalities, including people who see ghosts, cheating husbands, arrogant rich people, and slimy fortune tellers. Each character brings flavor to the story as they learn to coexist in their own small town.

“Savage” crime and media bias when it comes to race

I’m trying to do an internet detox, so I’ll keep this short. Instead of getting verbose, I’ll let Colin Flaherty, who is White, and Anthony Brian Logan, who is Black (and whom I found through Oshay Duke Jackson), speak for me. See their videos above, where they talk about a group of Black people torturing and beating on a mentally handicapped White kid while shouting anti-White and anti-Trump rhetoric. They cut him and force him to drink toilet water. I don’t even know how I’m supposed to refer to these four monsters. Logan, who is Black, calls them “savages.” I don’t know if liberals consider that racist, but it seems pretty accurate to me. It was so savage that I couldn’t even watch the whole video. Where do people channel the cruelty to torture a defenseless mentally handicapped man? What kind of savagery encourages the filming and dissemination of such lack of human decency? It’s sickening and despicable. And until yesterday, the story was almost completely ignored by the mainstream media.